Saturday, June 17, 2006

Ballot Initiatives for the Emerging Technoprogressive Mainstream

[Edited, via Amor Mundi] It is widely known that movement conservatives have long used targeted ballot initiatives to divide and demoralize American majorities with wedge issues while energizing their most extreme base voters in election after election to the cost of us all. Anti-gay hate initiatives represent only the most recent examples of such tactics. According to the Center for American Progress, progressives are finally discovering their own version of the politics of the ballot initiative.

Of course, it has long been understood that conservative politics in general benefit from depressed voter turnout, while progressive politics depend on wider participation. And so, progressive ballot initiatives will tend to be about uniting and energizing voters rather than debasing public discourse and hence discouraging all but rightwing zealots from participation in the very democratic processes they despise, will tend to be about protecting and celebrating the diversity of our citizens rather than whomping up fear and hatred against difference, will tend to focus on hope rather than resentment and terror.

The Center for American Progress notes four key ballot initiatives that are likely to benefit democrats and progressives in upcoming elections: "MINIMUM WAGE INCREASES... ALTERNATIVE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT... STEM CELL RESEARCH... [and] OVERTURNING ABORTION BANS[.]"

I think it bears mentioning that not only will all four of these ballot initiatives produce progressive outcomes, mobilize progressive voters, all the while uniting citizens of all parties to progressive endeavors, but three out of four of these mainstream progressive measures are also technoprogressive: Two of them champion regulated scientific research and development in the service of shared human goals and a third would secure access to the consensual use of available technologies to end unwanted pregnancies, to maintain health as citizens themselves see fit, and hence to shape their own bodily fortunes.

This is still more evidence of the conspicuous confluence of people powered democratic politics in America and the emerging technoprogressive mainstream.

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Transhumanist Trailer/Future By Design

I actually was sent a book by the man who is profiled in this film. His name is Jacque Fresco. I came away thinking that his vision was astonishing (If Syd Mead was an architect...)but that he was politically naive. Its not that the current US government can't do great things, they simply don't aspire to them. We know how to make things better. The current GOP, and their smug and gleeful DLC enablers, has no interest in doing what's best for the country. If they have a motto, then it would be "The Least Good for the Least in Number." Look at how they're clamping down on Wind Farms. They really would kill the guy who made a Water Engine..

Hey, these guys won't even count your vote. There's something criminal and small minded about the current crop of crooks who currently run the US asylum. But I'll definitely take a look at this film if it comes to my town. Afterall, dreams shouldn't die.

Transhumanist Beat/Sun Ra "Pink Elephants"

Transhumanist Beat/Boards of Canada "1969"