Citizen Cyborg
Why Democratic Societies Must Respond to the Redesigned Human of the Future

by James J. Hughes

Citizen Cyborg


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J. Hughes PhD

Media enquiries


Media Inquiries

Dr. Hughes is an international lecturer and public speaker, appearing frequently at political, university, medical, legal,  bioethics, religious, and community gatherings across the United States and Canada.  An entertaining guest, and veteran broadcaster in his own right, Dr. Hughes has appeared many times on radio and television discussing bioethics and health care policy.

For a review copy of Citizen Cyborg
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Jason Brantley, Perseus Books

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(office) 860-297-2376

Questions  Addressed in Citizen Cyborg

What are the scientific trends leading toward radical improvements in our lifespans, and why won't the growing numbers of elderly people be an economic disaster?

Can a religious person in good faith want to end sickness, aging, suffering and death itself through scientific means?

Why do parents' have an obligation to design their children if they can?

Why are laws against prenatal sex selection bad for girls and women?

Why should we give great apes "human rights" and help them to think and talk?

Why does Francis Fukuyama, one of the leading Bush administration thinkers on biotechnology and global affairs, think Dr. Hughes advocates the most dangerous idea in the world?

Why is the government doing research to create cyborgs through the National Institutes of Health, and condemning cyborg research through the President's Council on Bioethics?

How can we prevent a future war between humans, post-humans and robots?

Why does the government permit biotech companies to claim patent rights over the information in your genes?

How are issues like embryonic stem cells creating strange political alliances all across the US, and why are these alliances the shape of the "biopolitics" to come?

What are human beings going to do if robots take all the jobs?

Why has the idea of using the government to enforce "genetic correctness" made a comeback?