Nikola Danalylov and David Wood on Transcending Politics
Short story: “On Agile Management as a Mechanism of Social Control”
La « roue hédonique » (2/3) : Du bonheur
L’importance du temps
IEET Fellow Stefan Sorgner Becomes Lifeboat Foundation Fellow IEET Fellow Stefan Sorgner, due to his engagement in posthuman discourses, the Lifeboat Foundation invited him to being an Advisory Board member of their Ethics, Futurists, and Philosophy board. Several noble prize winners, and MacArthur...
IEET Fellow Stefan Sorgner Interviewed by Austrian newspaper IEET Fellow Stefan Lorenz Sorgner was recently interviewed by the most intellectual Sunday newspaper of Austria today, Die Presse am Sonntag. In his interview which was entitled “Europe will turn into a Disneyland….”, he also...
IEET Fellow Kevin LaGrandeur Appears on Argentinian TV Watch the short video of Kevin talking about AI and agriculture.
New Journal of Emerging Technologies Announced IEET Fellows Stefan Lorenz Sorgner and Aubrey de Grey were invited to being members of the Editorial Board of the new journal “Delphi - Interdisciplinary Review of Emerging Technologies” together with Zoltan Istvan and other...
MORE NEWS Technoprogressive? BioConservative? Huh?
Quick overview of biopolitical points of view