Nikola Danalylov and David Wood on Transcending Politics
Le transhumanisme est-il vieux comme le monde ?
[Vidéo] La longévité, pourquoi vivre plus longtemps ?
Le transhumanisme n’est pas un «eugénisme libéral»
Roland Benedikter Discusses Rights in a Post-Human World I agree with Rachel that the future of “serious” AI to be branded as such in the strict sense is still (far) ahead, as I have already stated in my lead essay. And I appreciate...
IEET Fellow Stefan Sorgner: jury member of the Austrian Governmental Award Patent 2018 IEET Fellow and Philosophy Professor Stefan Lorenz Sorgner was invited to being a jury member by the Austrian patent agency to vote for the most innovative inventions of 2018:
Beyond Technological Singularity-the Posthuman Condition In the transmodern context, transhumanism appears as a new paradigm, with a centripetal tendency, which proposes the reinventing of man by overcoming the current biological limitations with the help of new technologies, so called human...
IEET’s Roland Benedikter Published Debate Article ‘Citizen Robot’ The “overcoming of man” long announced by the western political philosophy of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries seems to have begun in practice, induced – as remains to be seen, consciously or unconsciously – by states and...
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