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Book Review: Timothy Morton’s Humankind Solidarity with Nonhuman People Journal of Critical Realism

A new book by Timothy Morton, Humankind: Solidarity with Nonhuman People, is reviewed. Humankind: Solidarity with Nonhuman People is a project into the applied political ethics that emerge between speculative realism and Marxism. This book is intended to build on the object-oriented ontology that Morton has espoused in previous volumes, however with a greater emphasis on normative politics. The book’s core methodology is to outline the various neologisms that Morton employs and incorporate those speculative realist terms into a retooli...

Marcelo Rinesi
Short Story: “Posthumous” by Marcelo Rinesi

The video of my murder had been viral for days.

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[Vidéo] Cessons d’idolâtrer le travail ! Automatisation, revenu de base… Alexandre Technoprog

Initialement publie sur le site de l’Association Francaise Transhumaniste - Technoprog

Dans cette vidéo, je vous invite à devenir « agnostique du travail » pour mieux préparer le monde de demain (mais vous pouvez continuer à aimer votre travail !)

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Alexandre Maurer
Non, ce n’était pas mieux avant by Alexandre Maurer

Pourquoi nous n’avons pas à regretter le passé. Et pourquoi il est dangereux de croire le contraire.

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Marcelo Rinesi
Urban sensors are for the fog of (climate) war by Marcelo Rinesi

Silicon Valley pitches for smart cities and military descriptions of future battle environments are awfully similar. That’s not entirely coincidental.

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Marcelo Rinesi
What’s the healthiest city in the US? (and what does that even mean?) by Marcelo Rinesi

(Spoiler alert: it’s not Detroit, and it’d be a relatively simple question if it weren’t for cancer.)

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Russell Blackford’s New Book Nominated for the Locus Award Science Fiction and the Moral Imagination: Visions, Minds, Ethics

IEET Fellow Russell Blackford’s new book, SCIENCE FICTION AND THE MORAL IMAGINATION has made the 2018 Locus Recommended Reading List and has been nominated for the 2018 Locus Award. If you have read and enjoyed his book please take the time to vote for it here

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Terence Ericson
Demain, pour une neuroprotection by Terence Ericson

Interfaces neuronales et consciences augmentées, maitriser les prochaines potentialités de nos cerveaux pose la question d’une neuroprotection.

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Terence Ericson
InSitu#3 – Découvrez la technologie CRISPR-Cas9 en vidéo by Terence Ericson

(Re)découvrez le fonctionnement et les potentialités de ce minuscule complexe à l’origine d’une grande révolution dans le domaine de la génétique, CRISPR-Cas9.

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Eliott Edge
We are already Artificial Intelligence by Eliott Edge

“It is possible for a computer to become conscious. Basically, we are that. We are data, computation, memory. So we are conscious computers in a sense.”

—Tom Campbell, NASA