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News of the Future 12.25.2004 Changesurfer Radio

The theology of stem cells, freedom’s effect on health, brainjacking as an art form, and Rummy Gone Wild. (Originally broadcast December 25, 2004)

Fellows > Mike Treder
Mike Treder
Invisibility by Mike Treder No, this entry is not about nanotechnology’s ability to turn a person invisible, although it has been reported that researchers are working on that.

I’m more interested today in thinking and writing about hidden or invisible destruction, as opposed to visible destruction. For example, take the fear of nuclear war, which is understandably (and properly!)  ...

Dale Carrico
The Trouble with “Transhumanism”: Part Two by Dale Carrico

To make real progress in discussions of radical technology, the first thing we need is new language

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Cloning Politics at the UN Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. chats with Bernie Siegel, Executive Director of the Genetics Policy Institute, about his crusade to defend embryonic stem cell research from the bioconservatives.

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Dale Carrico
The Trouble with “Transhumanism”: Part One by Dale Carrico

The term “transhumanist” may give people an identity at the cost of achieving their goals

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Jamais Cascio
Lessons From Leapfrog Biotech by Jamais Cascio

This week’s Economist looks at the growing level of innovation in the health-related biotechnology industries of developing nations. No longer simply copying existing drugs and treatments, nations such as China, India, Cuba and Brazil have begun to make substantial contributions to global bioscience. Biotechnology is an ideal leapfrog pathway, as it doesn’t require a substantial existing industrial base,  only well-educated scient...

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J. Hughes
Transhumanism and Unitarian Universalism:  Beginning the Dialogue by J. Hughes

A sermon on the special compatibility of Unitarian Universalism and transhumanism

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Jamais Cascio
A Conversation with Dr. James Hughes by Jamais Cascio

Part 1

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Giulio Prisco
Engineering Transcendence by Giulio Prisco

Gazing at the stars in the clear night sky, and feeling that there is something greater than us, which gives a meaning to our little life down here. Being afraid to die, and hoping that our selves may somehow survive death. Grieving for our loved ones who are not with us anymore, and hoping to meet them again, somewhere else.

Fellows > Jamais Cascio
Jamais Cascio
Generic Biomedicine by Jamais Cascio

The American patent on Human Growth Hormone—useful for fighting wasting diseases associated with AIDS—expired in 2003. So why isn’t there a far-less-expensive "generic"  version available in the US? Because HGH is a protein "biologic" drug, and protein drugs are far more difficult to produce than "small molecule" drugs, and the FDA says it can’t be certain that the generic versions are identical to the originals.