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Russell Blackford
Transhumanism at the Crossroads by Russell Blackford

To survive and thrive, transhumanism must become an inclusive social movement

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Russell Blackford
Should We Fear Death? Epicurean and Modern Arguments by Russell Blackford

Buenos Aires: LibrosEnRed. 2004. 257-69.

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J. Hughes
Cover Everyone and Cure Aging: Counterintuitive answers to healthcare inflation by J. Hughes

One of the chief points raised by opponents of life extension and human enhancement medicine is that healthcare costs are rapidly inflating, so how can we afford 150-year-old seniors and smart pills? The naysayers have a point. Healthcare spending has been inflating rapidly throughout the industrialized world, and all these countries will be graying over the next decades.

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Giulio Prisco
Transhumanismo, una propuesta filosófica para el tercer milenio by Giulio Prisco

Fukujama ha arremetido en un artículo contra el transhumanismo,  considerándolo como una de las ideas más peligrosas del pensamiento actual, aunque reconociendo que ya no se le puede considerar como "ciencia ficción tomada demasiado en serio". El transhumanismo es un fenómeno social mucho más complejo que se basa en los previsibles cambios venideros: un mundo nuevo en el que la muerte ha desaparecido merced a las capacidades tecnológicas alcanza...

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Jamais Cascio
What Would Radical Longevity Mean? by Jamais Cascio

Technology Review reports that MIT Professor Leonard Guarente may have found the genetic factor that allows mice undergoing ‘caloric restriction’ to live up to 30% longer. It’s long been known that cutting down food intake by about 1/3 can extend the lifespan of mammals by up to 50%. Professor Guarente has found that manipulating a single gene—the SIRT1 gene— can produce longer mice lives without  ...

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This Can’t Be Happening! Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. chats with David Lindorff, veteran investigative journalist and author of This Can’t Be Happening!: Resisting the Disintegration of American Democracy, about Iraq, Social Security, and rogue dolphins.

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Think Globally Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. chats with Dr. Charles Prewitt, veteran activist and chapter leader of the Mansfield Connecticut Citizens for Global Solutions. Charlie worked on the Manhattan Project, lived in Iran and Afghanistan, and has devoted decades to the struggle for peace and justice. We chat about the importance of the upcoming election.

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George Dvorsky
Death vs. Hope by George Dvorsky

The pace of medical progress should give patients and doctors pause when considering assisted suicide.

Late last month, Canadians were once again thrust into the assisted suicide debate.

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Mike Treder debates Nano-Enhancement Tech on SAGE Crossroads Sage Crosroads

SAGE Crossroads sponsors debates on aging. On September 27, 2004 they sponsored a debate on “Nanotechnology: The Promise of the Future or Pandora’s Box?” with:

Robert G. Best, University of South Carolina Mike Treder, Exec. Director, Center for Responsible Nanotechnology; WTA Board of Directors Morton Kondracke, Moderator

Topics included the effects of nanomedicine on battling disease and aging, the need for further public discussion of both the risks and benefits of molecular manufacturing, and the possibil...

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Metabods Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. chats with Brian Ramirez Kyle, the creator of, a website devoted to gay erotic fantasies about boytaurs, men with multiple limbs or genitals, and radical size and shape transformations. We talk about how radical body mod subcultures might be on the cutting edge of the fight for tolerance of transhuman diversity. (First broadcast in 2004).