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J. Hughes
Technologies of Self-Perfection by J. Hughes

What would the Buddha do with nanotechnology and psychopharmaceuticals?

Last year, at a conference at MIT on the contribution of Buddhism to brain sciences, molecular biologist Eric Lander suggested that in 20 years “the US surgeon general might recommend 60 minutes of mental exercise five times a week.” I hope not. It would probably have as little effect on mental health as the recommendation to exercise regularly and eat five helpings of vegetables has had on obesity and health. It would also mean that progress ...

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Mark Walker
Where did Marx go wrong? by Mark Walker

At the risk of simplifying: Marx erred in his view of human nature. Marx saw humans as having a nature that is social and productive. Various forms of impoverished economic and social life could corrupt this nature, with capitalism being the latest and the greatest of the corrupters. For instance, capitalism has the power to turn naturally productive humans into unproductive proletarians who are productive only through coercion (e.g.. through the threat of unemployment). Capitalism also has the power to turn naturally sociable humans anti-so...

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The Culture Wars Changesurfer Radio

Jende Huang of the American Humanist Association speaks on the culture wars raging in the United States between the theocratic religious right and the humanists.  Mr. Huang’s speech was delivered at Transvision 2004.

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J. Hughes
Engineering Better Citizens by J. Hughes

Human enhancement doesn’t guarantee better democracy, but better democracy may require human enhancement

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America the Almighty: Maverick Hyperpower Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. talks with Stephen L. Damours, author of America the Almighty: The Maverick Hyperpower, a critique of US foreign policy and argument for federalist solutions to global problems. Damours formerly worked at the US State Department, and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Citizens for Global Solutions and has served on the Board.

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Open Source Democracy Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. talks with Douglas Rushkoff, author of Open Source Democracy (download PDF), published by the UK thinktank Demos.  Rushkoff is the author of more than a dozen books, including Cyberia and Playing the Future.

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Buddhism and Transhumanism: The Technologies of Self-Perfection Transvision 2004

James Hughes, IEET Executive Director, speaking at the August 5, 2004 Faith, Transhumanism and Hope Symposium, Trinity College, University of Toronto.

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Transhumanism and Religion Transvision 2004

Nick Bostrom PhD, Philosophy Dept., Oxford University and chair of the IEET, speaking at the August 5, 2004 Faith, Transhumanism and Hope Symposium, Trinity College, University of Toronto.

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Trans-Spirit: Religion, Spirituality and Transhumanism Transvision 2004

Michael LaTorra, IEET Board member and author A Warrior Blends with Life: A Modern Tao, speaking at the Faith, Transhumanism and Hope Symposium, Trinity College, University of Toronto, August 5, 2004.

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Milan Ćirković
Cosmic Irony: SETI Optimism from Catastrophes? by Milan Ćirković

Classical arguments for skepticism regarding the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI) are critically examined. It is suggested that the emerging class of “phase transition” astrobiological models can simultaneously account for all available astrophysical and biological evidence, explain several unresolved puzzle in Earth sciences, and rationally justify current and future SETI projects. In particular, the hypothesis of Annis that local gamma-ray bursts drive the astrobiological phase transition deserves to be further q...