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An Ravelingien
Proceeding with clinical trials of animal-to-human organ transplantation. A way out of the dilemma by An Ravelingien

Abstract The transplantation of porcine organs to humans could in the future be a solution to the worldwide organ shortage, but is to date still highly experimental. Further research on the potential effects of crossing the species barrier is essential before clinical application is acceptable. However, many crucial questions on efficacy and safety will ultimately only be answered by well-designed and controlled solid organ xenotransplantation trials on humans. The question then rises of what conditions are necessary in order to resum...

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J. Hughes
Monsters in the Media by J. Hughes

Popular books, movies and television shows are some of the few places addressing human-racism and the citizenship of nonhumans

Andy Miah
(e)Text: Error…404 Not Found! Or the Disappearance of History by Andy Miah

The possibility of e-texts becoming the dominant medium of delivering information is alarming specifically because it threatens enlightenment values of recording and documenting. The obsession with preserving historical actions, biography and autobiography are complicated by the fluidity of information within e-text. The challenge for e-texters is therefore to ascertain how to re-define what constitutes the making of history. The keeping of records requires radical re-theorising. Indeed, the concept of a ‘record’ might require re...

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Nick Bostrom
Human Genetic Enhancements: A Transhumanist Perspective by Nick Bostrom

1. What is Transhumanism?

          Transhumanism is a loosely defined movement that has developed gradually over the past two decades. It promotes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and evaluating the opportunities for enhancing the human condition and the human organism opened up by the advancement of technology. Attention is given to both present technologies, like genetic engineering and information technology, and anticipated future ones, such as molecular nanotechnology and artificial ...

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Doug Rushkoff
Open Source Democracy: How online communication is changing offline politics by Doug Rushkoff

1. Introduction 2. From Moses to modems:Demystifying the storytelling and taking control 3. Electronic community:From birth to backlash 4. The opportunity for renaissance 5. Networked democracy 6. Open source:Imagining network democracy 7. Conclusion

Download the PDF version of Rushkoff’s book for UK policy thinktank Demos.

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Mark Walker
Genetic Virtue by Mark Walker

Trinity College, University of Toronto

Department of Philosophy, McMaster University

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Milan Ćirković
On the Importance of SETI for Transhumanism by Milan Ćirković

It is argued that astrobiology in general, and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence in particular, are of foremost importance for the transhumanist endeavor. It is sketched how one can show incompleteness, at best, of the arguments usually cited in support of the uniqueness of human intelligence in the Galactic context. In addition to the arguments conventionally cited in support of SETI, and which can be easily cast in the form in which their significance for the future of humanity is manifest, a specific class of phase-transition m...

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Linda MacDonald Glenn
Biotechnology at the Margins of Personhood: An Evolving Legal Paradigm by Linda MacDonald Glenn

The last few years have seen scientific advancements that were thought to be possible only in the realm of science fiction.  From nuclear transfer to exogenous pregnancies, implantable brain chips to transgenic engineering, cyborg to chimera, we may be taking the next step in our own evolution. As barriers between the species begin to blur and blend, should humans retain special elevated status? How will these affect notions of “personhood”? Possible implications range from affecting the abortion debate to end-of-life decisi...

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Linda MacDonald Glenn
When Pigs Fly? Legal and Ethical Issues in Transgenics and the Creation of Chimeras by Linda MacDonald Glenn

The Walter C. Randall Biomedical Ethics Lecture

The following is a speech delivered by Linda MacDonald Glenn for the Walter C. Randall Lecture Award in Biomedical Ethics at Experimental Biology, 2003 in San Diego, CA.

The last few years have seen scientific advancements that we thought to be possible only in the realm of science fiction. From nuclear transfer to exogenous pregnancies, implantable brain chips to transgenic engineering, cyborg to chimera, we are forging the next step in our own evolution. Future developments wi...

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J. Hughes
Getting Paid in Our Jobless Future by J. Hughes

Only a guaranteed basic income can ensure economic growth, technological innovation and social welfare