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Organization and Information at the Bedside (dissertation) by J. Hughes


A dissertation submitted to the faculty of the Division of Social Sciences of the University of Chicago in candidacy for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology

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The practice of medicine is undergoing an industrial revolution akin to the one that occurred in manufacturing in the 19th century. Cost-co...

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J. Hughes
Social Ecology and Evolutionism by J. Hughes

Taught at the University of Chicago in 1994


Goals: This course is an introduction to the ecological and evolutionary concepts which have influenced the social sciences. After introducing these concepts, the course will first discuss the different units of selection in the social order. Sociobiological theories will be compared to those which posit that selection takes place at the level of software, e.g. norms and ideas. We will next explore the writings of classic University of Chicago sociologists who attempted to ...

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J. Hughes
Beginnings and Endings: The Buddhist Mythos of the Arising and Passing Away of the World by J. Hughes

Exegesis of the Agganna and Cakkavatti Suttas.

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J. Hughes
Better Living Through World Government:: Transnationalism as 21st Century Socialism by J. Hughes
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J. Hughes
Monogamy as a Prisoner’s Dilemma: Non-Monogamy as a Collective Action Problem by J. Hughes

An essay on the difficulties of establishing stable polyamorous threesomes.

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J. Hughes
Birth Doctors and Death Doctors by J. Hughes

Materials Complexity and the Development of Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Geriatrics

Table of Contents Introduction 4

1. Birth, Youth, Dying and Death as Material Bases 8

1a. Birth as Raw Material 11

1b. Death as Raw Material 14

1c. Differences between Birth and Death 18

2. The Social Construction of Medical Specialization 22

2a. The Origins of Obstetrics and Pediatrics 24

2b. Shaping State Policy and Building the Market 32

2c. Rising Specialization 34

3. Shaping th...

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J. Hughes
World Buddhism and the Peace Movement by J. Hughes
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J. Hughes
Buddhist Feminism by J. Hughes

Drawing upon both the insights of Buddhism and the Western liberal tradition, this essay criticizes established Buddhism’s restrictions on the involvement of women and develops a Buddhist feminist agenda appropriate to our own age and culture.

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J. Hughes
Altered States of Consciousness and Social Structure: Glossolalia in the Pentecostal Church by J. Hughes

Honor’s Bachelors Thesis

Table of Contents

Introduction Chapter One: Subject and Research Methodology Chapter Two: ASCs and Personality Chapter Three: Self in Community Chapter Four: Liminal, Thinkable and Legitimate Chapter Five: Power in Community Chapter Six: Social Structure and Change Conclusions

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