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James Hughes: Automation & the Decline of Human Employment Adam Ford

Why the Fight Against Austerity Today Lays the Foundation for a Sexy, High-Tech Future

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Video Interview of Nick Bostrom by Adam Ford Adam Ford

Nick Bostrom is a Swedish philosopher at St. Cross College, University of Oxford known for his work on existential risk and the anthropic principle. He holds a PhD from the London School of Economics (2000). He is currently the director of both The Future of Humanity Institute and the Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology as part of the Oxford Martin School at Oxford University.

In addition to his writing for academic and popular press, Bostrom makes frequent media appearances in which he talks about transhumanism-related top...

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Jamais Cascio
A Survival Guide to Geoengineering by Jamais Cascio

Despite its potential to trigger conflict, geoengineering will likely be part of the global response to climate change. Be prepared.

360-degree video of a volcano flyover that lets you control the camera

Click on the image below to watch and control the video!


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Leo Igwe
Witch Killing and Africans by Leo Igwe

There is a growing incident of lynching and murder of suspected witches in different parts of Africa. This wave of witch hunting targets elderly people particularly women. In Nigeria, a court has rejected the bail application of three persons accused of killing a 70-year old woman, Mrs Rebecca Adewumi, for witchcraft.

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Updated Video From NASA NASA Video Gallery

Future High Data-Rate Laser Communication Systems and Other Nifty Stuff

On February 15 a small asteroid named 2012 DA-14 will whiz by, only 17,200 miles from Earth. It doesn’t pose any threat to us, but it is sure to create a buzz around the world.

Landsat Monitors Chesapeake Bay Change

The International Space Station update video for Jan. 31, 2013.


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Rick Searle
Life is already eternal, sort of… by Rick Searle

What often strikes me when I put the claims of some traditionally religious people regarding “eternal life” and the stated goals of the much more recent, I suppose you could label it with the oxymoronic phrase “materialist spirituality”, next to one another is just how much of the language and fundamental assumptions regarding human immortality these very different philosophies share.

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George Dvorsky
Why getting physically stronger will help you live longer by George Dvorsky

Fitness trends come and go, but weight training in particular never seems to come into style. Part of the problem is that most people associate it with bodybuilding culture, and women in particular are reluctant to join the guys at the back of the gym.

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David Swanson
Drones Are a Local Issue by David Swanson

In the absence of state or federal laws, localities around the United States are proceeding to put unmanned aerial vehicles in our skies as they see fit.  The federal government has authorized the flight of 30,000 drones, and the use of drones up to 400 feet by police departments, at least 300 of which already have surveillance drones in operation.

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Andy Miah
Lance Armstrong should be celebrated as a pioneer in human enhancement by Andy Miah

Although Lance Armstrong has broken the rules, we shouldn’t be so quick to judge him. In many ways he’s a pioneer in human enhancement, and history books may forgive him, argues Professor Andy Miah, Director of the Creative Futures Institute at the University of the West of Scotland.