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Interview with John Smart Adam Ford

“In what he calls the “developmental singularity hypothesis”, Smart proposes that STEM compression, as a driver of accelerating change, must lead cosmic intelligence to a future of highly-miniaturized, accelerated, and local “transcension” to extra-universal domains, rather than to space-faring expansion within our existing universe. The transcension scenario (vs. expansion scenario) proposes that once civilizations saturate their local region of space with their intelligence, they need to leave our visible, mac...

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Massimo Pigliucci
Michael Shermer on morality by Massimo Pigliucci

Oh my, I thought I was done for a while chastising skeptics like Sam Harris on the relationship between philosophy, science and morality, and I just found out that my friend Michael Shermer has incurred a similar (though not quite as egregious as Harris’) bit of questionable thinking. As I explained in my review of Harris’ book for Skeptic, one learns precisely nothing about morality by reading The Moral Landscape. Indeed, one’s time on that topic is much better spent by leafing through Michael Sandel’s On Justice,&nb...

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Ramez Naam
Fuel energy innovation by Ramez Naam

In 2012, superstorm Sandy pummeled the East Coast to the tune of $50 to $60 billion in damage. A record-breaking drought wiped out almost a third of the nation’s corn crop,resulting in roughly $18 billion in losses. The Arctic ice cap shrank to a record minimum, decades ahead of the projections made by climate scientists as recently as 2007. In short, 2012 was the year that climate change made its impact, more than any other year in modern history. Worse, it’s just the beginning — a small taste of what’s to come.

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Sexy Robot Massages Your Body Cobi Gurievsky

“WheeMe by DreamBots is a palm size robot that gently massages and caresses as it moves slowly across your body. Embodying unique sensor technology, WheeMe automatically steers itself over your body without falling off or losing its grip in most cases. As it moves, WheeMe’s four small wheels and the rotor finger gently press​ and caress providing a​ delightful sense of bodily​ pleasure.​​​” -

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Valerie Tarico
Religion May Not Survive the Internet by Valerie Tarico

As we head into a new year, the guardians of traditional religion are ramping up efforts to keep their flocks—or, in crass economic terms, to retain market share. Some Christians have turned to soul searching while others have turned to marketing. Last fall, the LDS church spent millions on billboards, bus banners, and Facebook ads touting “I’m a Mormon.” In Canada, the Catholic Church has launched a “Come Home” marketing campaign. The Southern Baptists Convention voted to rebrand themselves. A hipster meg...

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Dick Pelletier
Indefinite lifespan possible in 20 years, expert predicts by Dick Pelletier

New Google hire and renowned futurist Ray Kurzweil sums up how technologies might play out over the next two decades with this claim: “If you remain in good health for 20 more years, you may never die.”

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Shannon Vyff
23-Year Old Kim Suozzi Undergoes Cryonic Preservation After Successful Fundraising Campaign by Shannon Vyff

Kim Souzzi, a young woman diagnosed with brain cancer while studying neuroscience at college, passed away early in the morning of January 17th, at the age of 23. She was successfully cryo-preserved at Alcor Life Extension Foundation. Alcor CEO Max More said that there will be a summary of her stand by and preservation posted in the coming days on the Alcor blog:

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George Bickers
The Transhumanist Pendulum: The Place of the Transhuman in Human-centric Societies. by George Bickers

Josh Trank and Matt Landis’ 2012 film Chronicle provides an audience with what is ostensibly newly broken ground in the superhero genre. But even slightly scrape this outer facade and what one begins to see is a detailed - yet unvocalised - discussion on the ethical and moral standpoints occupied by trans-human characters within a definitively human social structure.

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John Bunzl
Why international competitiveness trumps ethics and accountability by John Bunzl

Albert Einstein famously asserted that “we will not solve present problems with the same thinking that created them”, so pointing out that the problems we now face—problems like climate change, rising income inequality, financial crises, resource depletion, and so on—are the product of old ways of thinking. The problems remain unsolved, in other words, only because our thinking hasn’t yet caught up. So it’s our thinking that needs to change.

Vision > Bioculture
Using Snail Teeth to Improve Solar Cells and Batteries UC Riverside

“UC Riverside Assistant Professor David Kisailus is researching a marine snail called chiton to to create less costly and more efficient nanoscale materials to improve solar cells and lithium-ion batteries” - UC Riverside