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Giulio Prisco
Cosmic Religions for Space Colonization by Giulio Prisco

I recommend watching the one-hour film Knocking on Heaven’s Door, by George Carey, aired by the BBC in 2011, to all space enthusiasts interested in the history of the Russian space program and our future out there in the universe. The film zeroes in on the powerful role that religion can play in advancing radical scientific visions.

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Supertree Grove, Gardens by the Bay: Singapore Aram Pan

“A one minute preview of the ‘Light & Sound Show’ that is on every evening at the Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.”

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Robots to Help Teach Autistic Children Today Show

“We can open so many doors for children.” Joshua Diehl, Assistant Professor of Psychology.”

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Genetics of Healthy Eating UCDAlumni1

“Whether we like certain foods or not may be something we have no control over. Dr Eileen Gibney discusses how our genes can influence our food choices and how this may determine how healthy our diets really are.” - UCDAlumni1

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Dick Pelletier
Why I View the Future with Optimism by Dick Pelletier

Science is all about asking questions, exploring problems that confound or intrigue us. However, satisfactory answers can’t always be found in today’s media that far too often focuses on cases of technology gone awry, filling readers with more hopelessness than hope.

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P. Tittle
#3 Ethics without Philosophers (the Appalling State of Affairs in Business) by P. Tittle

Could someone without a business degree become a marketing consultant?  No? Then how is it that people without philosophy degrees are becoming ethics consultants? [1]  Is it that people don’t know that Ethics is a branch of Philosophy just as Marketing is a branch of Business? Doubtful.

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John Niman
Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality and their impact on the law. by John Niman

Watson showed, in dramatic form, the capabilities of current computers when it (he?) defeated the two best Jeopardy!.....

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Who is around you in a coffee shop? Do you somehow know them? Find out with the app Sonar Wired

Brett Martin, co-founder and CEO of Sonar, explains how his app connects thousands of people everyday.

Learn more about Sonar below:

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3D printing ‘bigger than internet’ FT Business

“Proponents of 3D printing say it has the potential to alter radically a number of industries. Peter Marsh, FT manufacturing editor, talks to one such supporter - Abe Reichental of US-based 3D Systems - to find out how it works and if it really is a ‘disruptive technology’” -FT

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Richard Stallman
Made for You by Richard Stallman

Growing old, and having lost hope of finding love again, I read about the Lifemates Co-op and was intrigued.  “Mr or Ms Right doesn’t exist in nature.  If you want someone that was made for you, come to us.”  I made an appointment to visit their office and talk with a salesperson…