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Kris Notaro
Live-Blogging the Afternoon of Day One of Humanity+ San Francisco by Kris Notaro

The morning was very successful. Dr. J. was especially pleased that Kim Stanley Robinson commended his referencing of Looking Backward and H.G. Wells.

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Kris Notaro
Live-Blogging Morning of Day One of Humanity+ San Francisco by Kris Notaro

Dt. J. and I are at San Francisco State University today for the Humanity+ San Francisco.

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Jamais on Singularity 1 on 1: You Matter! Your Choices Make A Difference Singularity 1 on 1

IEET’s Jamais Cascio’s chat with “Socrates” (Nikola Danaylov) covered a wide variety of topics such as: his personal story of becoming “an easily distracted generalist;” his undergraduate and graduate training in history, anthropology and political science; his views on the singularity community in general and the technological singularity and Singularity University in particular; his criticism that creators of new technology rarely consider the ethical and political implications of their inventions; what he means...

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More Than Half of You See a Global Democracy by 2100

We asked “By 2100 what will the international political system be based on?”  More than half of you were optimistic that we would achieve some kind of democratic world government.

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Top Hitting Articles for November

Kris and Dr. J. are traveling to San Francisco tomorrow for the H+ events, so we’re calling the top hitters for November a day early.

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John M. Smart
Preserving the Self for Later Emulation: What Brain Features Do We Need? by John M. Smart

Let me propose to you four interesting statements about the future…

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A Conversation With Nobel Prize Winning Neuropsychiatrist Columbia University News

“His most recent book is The Age of Insight: The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind, and Brain, from Vienna 1900 to the Present.

By probing the synaptic connections between nerve cells in the humble sea slug, Eric Kandel has uncovered some of the basic molecular mechanisms underlying learning and memory in animals ranging from snails to flies to mice and even in humans. His groundbreaking studies have demonstrated the fundamental ways that nerve cells alter their response to chemical signals to produce coordinated...

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Richard Loosemore
The Fallacy of Dumb Superintelligence by Richard Loosemore

This is what a New Yorker article has to say on the subject of “Moral Machines”: “An all-powerful computer that was programmed to maximize human pleasure, for example, might consign us all to an intravenous dopamine drip.”

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Fatal Invention: The New Biopolitics of Race Vanderbilt University

“Dorothy E. Roberts - recently named Penn Integrates Knowledge Professor at the University of Pennsylvania—presenting “Fatal Invention: The New Biopolitics of Race” based on her latest book Fatal Invention: How Science, Politics, and Big Business Re-create Race in the Twenty-first Century.

An acclaimed scholar of race, gender, and the law, Roberts examines contemporary issues in health, bioethics, and social justice with a particular focus on how they affect the lives of women, children, and African-Americans....

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Valerie Tarico
The Difference Between a Dying Fetus and a Dying Woman by Valerie Tarico

Last week, a young Indian man in Ireland went public about the death of his wife, Savita Halappanavar. A week later, her name, picture, and tragic story are known by millions. Now the husband, Praveen, has launched a fight to ensure that no woman ever again is refused a lifesaving abortion. Her parents have requested that the Indian government bring diplomatic pressure to bear.