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Clean Cook Stove App Freeworld Media

“The Clean Cook Stove app solves an important issue that impacts millions of African women. Compared to traditional cooking methods—clean cookstoves reduce fuel consumption and exposure to cook stove smoke. The mobile app will connect and educate women on how to locate and use clean cook stoves and fuel tanks.

This concept video is presented by Freeworld Media ( in partnership with Applied Systems Intelligence, Inc, ( as part of the mobile Brand App Challenge sponsored by GSMA, mWomen and Voda...

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Lee-Roy Chetty
Promoting the Use of Clean Stoves in the Developing World by Lee-Roy Chetty

Promoting the use of clean stoves in the developing world can contribute to the broader development objectives of reducing poverty, improving health and gender equality, and mitigating climate change.

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Dick Pelletier
Christmas 2062: a glimpse of changes to expect in the next 50 years by Dick Pelletier

Hot chocolate, warm clothes, and wrapped presents under a tree, ‘tis once again the season to be jolly! We are familiar enough with the holidays as they are now; but what might Christmas be like in 50 years?

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Andrea Kuszewski
#14 Solutions For A Creativity Crisis: A Look At Cuba’s Technological Disobedience by Andrea Kuszewski

When you think of the ideal creative environment, what comes to mind?  We may imagine a place where you have freedom of expression, a place that encourages breaking convention, somewhere that is abundant in resources that are readily accessible for innovative development of technology, and exposure to many different cultures for inspiration and collaboration. So as you imagine this ultimate creative playground, does Cuba come to mind?

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Frozen In Time in Sci Fi Science: How can we get another galaxy or solar system? DNA Tube

How do you freeze people without killing them? How do you transport a community in an enclosed space with the friction that will arise between people. This is the real Sci Fi science in ‘Frozen In Time’

Excellent video on the workings of microtubules DNA Tube

Cytoskeleton Microtubules : Cell Biology

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Jonathan Lin
Technology and the Changing Landscape of Journalism by Jonathan Lin

For general and investigative journalists, social media has become a significant means of obtaining news, fact-checking, and reaching out to audiences. Internet-based applications such as Facebook and Twitter count as social media, where they can be used to receive and then share content, resulting in an exchange of ideas, headlines, and discussion on what can be written.

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Evan Selinger
Augmented-Reality Racism by Evan Selinger

The tech world is brimming with optimism for our augmented-reality future. But what will happen when flawed, prejudiced people get their hands on these tools?

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George Dvorsky
#15 Why Humanists Need to Make the Shift to Post-Atheism by George Dvorsky

I’m getting increasingly annoyed by all the anti-religious propaganda that litters my Facebook newsfeed. Look, as a fellow humanist and atheist, I get it. Organized religion is a problem on so many levels that I don’t even know where to begin. I’d be the first person to say that something needs to be done about it and I’m delighted to see atheism become normalized in our society and culture. But seriously, folks, what are you hoping to achieve by posting such facile and inflammatory material?

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Jonathan Dotse
#16: Developing World: Beyond the Frontiers of Science Fiction by Jonathan Dotse

The future will not be a monopoly of the current superpowers, but lies in the hands of tech-savvy youth from around the world, trying desperately to survive at all costs in an increasingly asymmetrical world.