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Hank Pellissier
Utopia – Hank Pellissier – Serious Wonder Radio #43 by Hank Pellissier

Can we create utopia? Is it possible for technology to rid us of pain and suffering? Serious Wonder host GRAY SCOTT talks with HANK PELLISSIER about his book Invent Utopia Now, Transhumanist Suggestions for the Pre-Singularity Era.

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Melanie Swan
Crowd Models Become Pervasive Across Society by Melanie Swan

Crowd-based models are becoming so pervasive that almost no major segment of modern life is left untouched by them. The concept of digital crowd models refers to the coordination of large numbers of individuals (the crowd) through an open call on the Internet in the conduct of some sort of activity.

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Pimp my Genome! The Mainstreaming of Digital Genetic Engineering GoogleTalksArchive

“DNA is a programming language for living cells. The cell’s basic operating system, or genome, directs functions like growth and reproduction, energy utilization, and the production of useful compounds like ethanol or penicillin. With genetic engineering, new functions can be added to cells or broken metabolic pathways repaired. Until recently, genetic engineering has required the DNA molecule itself to be physically manipulated, a tedious and expensive process. Now, automatic DNA synthesis permits virtually any DNA code to be ma...

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Sonia Medina - Energy: Africa’s hidden power TEDxTalks

West Africa burns rubber trees to make space for new trees. An interesting perspective on the private sector in West Africa tapping into the biomass material to create clean energy.

“Biomass, as a renewable energy source, is biological material from living, or recently living organisms. As an energy source, biomass can either be used directly, or converted into other energy products such as biofuel.

In the first sense, biomass is plant matter used to generate electricity with steam turbines & gasifiers or produce heat,...

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Lee-Roy Chetty
Ensuring Energy Access for All in Africa by Lee-Roy Chetty

Countries in Africa face many challenges in their quest to improve the welfare of their populations, one of which is the lack of access to affordable and reliable modern energy. Africa has the lowest electrification rate of all regions. It is estimated that only 42 percent of the population has access to electricity, compared with 75 percent in the developing world.

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David Brin
Is Law Enforcement Going Dark? Dilbert’s Dilemma and Transparency Crises by David Brin

In Going Dark vs. a Golden Age for Surveillance, Professors Peter Swire and Kenesa Ahmad, discuss the assertion made by some law enforcement agencies that their ability to see, surveil and protect us is “going dark” because of some new methods of encrypted communication that are widely available to non-government entities, including criminals and terrorists.

Qbo meets Qbo Chaîne de QboRobot

“Those who have been following this project for a while know that it started 6 years ago. If something surprised and pleased me in equal measure, it was the controversy brought by our latest video in which Qbo recognizes itself in the mirror. It was not due to the publicity generated around the project, but because, somehow, we’ve updated this debate that was lost long time ago: can a machine become intelligent or self-conscious? We went from being interested in creating artificial brains to just develop mechatronic systems sophi...

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Russell Blackford
Is abortion a greater evil than sex abuse? by Russell Blackford

Is abortion a greater evil than child abuse? Of course it isn’t! Indeed, I don’t generally regard abortion as an evil at all. We could doubtless get into hypothetical cases of late-term abortions carried out on a mere whim, but are there many, or any, such cases in the real world? In the real world I think you must either suffer from a distorted moral sense or be in the grip of a theory if you regard abortion as the real evil (as opposed, say, to denying an abortion to a desperate woman or teenage gi...

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Richard Eskow
Wall Street-Funded Poll and W. ST.  Bailout King Both Say Cut Social Security by Richard Eskow

The anti-Social Security propagandists should’ve thought this one through a little more carefully: On the same day that Goldman Sach’s CEO issued his “balanced” demand for Social Security and Medicare cuts, the Wall Street-funded group called “Third Way” published the results of a poll which precisely reflected the wishes of Goldman Sach’s CEO.

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George Dvorsky
The emerging science of collective intelligence and the rise of the global brain by George Dvorsky

Over at the Edge there’s a fascinating article by Thomas W. Malone about the work he and others are doing to understand the rise of collective human intelligence — an emergent phenomenon that’s being primarily driven by our information technologies. We may be on an evolutionary trajectory, he argues, that could someday give rise to the global brain. And amazingly, he’s developing an entirely new scientific discipline to back his case.