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Dick Pelletier
Road to immortality: why aren’t oldest humans getting older? by Dick Pelletier

In the Broadway musical Fame, Carmen sings about wanting to live forever. Of course, this is not possible today, but many positive thinkers believe that in the near future, biotech breakthroughs, along with nanomedicine advances, could provide an indefinite lifespan; eliminating most causes of death.

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Wesley Strong
The Singularity and the Future-Human under Capitalism by Wesley Strong

The Technological Singularity, referred to as “the singularity” by transhumanists, signifies a point in time where self-aware self-improving artificial intelligence that could surpass the intelligence of the human brain manifests.

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Dick Pelletier
Future Relationships: big changes on the way, experts say by Dick Pelletier

We are in the midst of a sea of change in which not only many traditional relationships are failing, but also unexpected new arrangements are beginning to appear.

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Tsvi Bisk
The Future of the Religion Business Part1 by Tsvi Bisk

Even though there are no statistics on the economics of religion, we might reasonably assume that if we calculated the aggregate turnover and cash flow of all the religions and religious activities globally – their aggregate buying power and the goods and services they produce and consume – that we are talking about one of the biggest business sectors in the world, if not the biggest. The global economics of organized religion, New Age religiosity and various other ‘spiritual’ practices might run into the trillions of dollars...

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Target 2061: Reinventing Civilization Across Half a Century TEDxBrussels

David Brin talks about what the world will look like in 2061, the return date of Halley’s Comet.

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False Singularities… TEDxBrussels

John Shirley talks about the two types of Singularities. He states that the “1%” will dominate the “99%” with technology.

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Federico Pistono
Machines Will Outsmart Humans. We Better Be Ready by Federico Pistono

Today, large streams of data, coupled with statistical analysis and sophisticated algorithms, are rapidly gaining importance in almost every field of science, politics, journalism, and much more. What does this mean for the future of work?

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Kevin LaGrandeur
Review of the NYC Silicon Alley TEDx Conference: a Mixed Bag by Kevin LaGrandeur

The more things change, the more they stay the same, with Ray Kurzweil’s talks.  At the TEDx Conference in Manhattan on Monday, December 3, he and the biotech pioneer Juan Enriquez were the keynote speakers.

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Race Against the Machine TEDxTalks

“We ain’t seen nothing yet when it comes to technology’s impact on the labor force.”

“Automation redefined blue collar employment and reshaped a global economy. Now, technology is replacing higher skilled jobs by augmenting human brainpower the way steam engines augmented human labor. Andrew McAfee braces us for a fundamental transformation in the future of work.” - TEDx

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Valerie Tarico
Hey, Ladies! Thinking About Ditching Your Period? A Doctor Answers 12 Puzzling and Hopeful Questions by Valerie Tarico

How often do you want to have your period?