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The Republican War on Science Changesurfer Radio

First Dr. J.  chats with Chris Mooney, author of The Republican War on Science.

Special Issue of JET on Religion and Transhumanism

Religion & Transhumanism Issue (Vol. 14,  Issue 2 - August 2005)

Mark Walker and Heidi Campbell  "Introduction to Special Issue on Transhumanism and Religion"

John Hedley Brooke  "Visions of Perfectibility"

Patrick D. Hopkins  "Transcending the Animal: How Transhumanism and Religion Are and Are Not Alike"

Stephen Garner  "Transhumanism and Christian Social Concern" 

Michael LaTorra  "Trans-Spirit: Religi...

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Naam on Berkeley Groks, Wasserman on Control of Emotion

IEET Fellow Ramez Naam appeared on the June 1, 2005 Berkeley Groks radio program “Breakthroughs in biomedical research will soon allow us to live longer, grow stronger, and think smarter. But, will these advances come at a price? On this program, Ramez Naam discussed the promise of biological enhancement.” (Download and listen here.)

Also, this week’s Changesurfer Radio, which is produced by IEET Executive Director J. Hughes, carries a fascinating talk by philosopher David Wasserman on the chemical control of emoti...

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Mike Treder
Nanotech: What the public wants by Mike Treder

A few days ago, the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies released a study of U.S. public perceptions on nanotechnology. Their definition of nanotech is the broad small-interesting-stuff definition, not molecular manufacturing. But since both types of nanotech have the same label, public perception will surely be shared to some extent.

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Control of Emotions and the TechnoLiberation Indymedia

Dr. J.  presents a lecture on the chemical control of emotions by philosopher David Wasserman,  an op-ed on Katrina and jobs policy, and an invitation to the technoprogressive movement.

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J. Hughes
Technoprogressive Social Policy in the Wake of Katrina by J. Hughes

A subscriber to the wta-talk list noted yesterday, searching for a possible upside to Katrina,

for a huge majority of these disadvantaged citizens, they have the attention of all levels of Government like never before.

The thought is uncomfortably close to Barbara Bush’s clueless “they are better off now” comment  but I confess I have had the same thought. Partly because I have long admired a book by Nicholas Lemann called The Promised Land, which was based on William Julius Wilson’s work on the und...

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Guardian covers Aubrey de Grey’s anti-aging conference

Maverick who believes we can live for ever

Mark Honigsbaum Saturday September 10, 2005 The Guardian

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Andy Miah
Doping and the child: an ethical policy for the vulnerable by Andy Miah

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Jamais Cascio
WorldChanging Nanotechnology by Jamais Cascio

“Nanotechnology” gets a great deal of attention these days, including here at WorldChanging, and for good reason. The ability to create materials and operate machines that have useful properties at the nano-scale (about a billionth of a meter, or roughly the size of molecules) has the potential for dramatic changes in realms as diverse as energy production, medical science, and even adhesives, among many others. Increasingly, governments, companies and NGOs around the world recognize the possibilities arising from these new techn...

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Aubrey de Grey
Nanotech in Medicine by Aubrey de Grey

How we’ll maintain life extension escape velocity into the 22nd century.