Dale Carrico
More Than Human? Or Simply More Humane? by Dale Carrico

More Than Human? Or Simply More Humane?

by Dale Carrico

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Dale Carrico
The Future Starts Now by Dale Carrico

Technoprogressives Cannot Postpone the Redress of Poverty and Treatable Illness

Dale Carrico
Medicine May Soon Deliver Longer Lives, More Health, and Increasing Diversity to All by Dale Carrico Medicine May Soon Deliver Longer Lives, More Health, and Increasing Diversity to All Bioconservatives Want to Know: Wheres the Outcry?

by Dale Carrico

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Human Capabilities Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. chats with Sabina Alkire, secretary of the Human Development and Capability Association, founded by Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum. Dr. Alkire is an economist and author of Valuing Freedoms: Sen’s Capability Approach and Poverty Reduction.

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Mike Treder
Saving Lives with Nanotechnology by Mike Treder

In the time that it takes you to read this sentence, at least ten real people will die, some of them helpless children, and some in horrible pain. Every single day,  24,000 people die of starvation; 6,000 children are killed by diarrhea; 2,700 children are killed by measles; and 1,400 women die in childbirth.

In more bad news,  the number of cases of the deadliest form of malaria across the world could be twice as high as previously p...

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Ramez Naam
Interview with Ramez Naam by Ramez Naam

Ramez Naam is the author of More Than Human (see NuSapiens review here), a new book that takes a look at products and technologies that promise to upgrade human life in the near future, and what we can do to maximize their benefits to mankind.

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Jamais Cascio
You Own Your Own Genes. Now What? by Jamais Cascio

As biomedical technologies get cheaper, it becomes easier for non-specialists to get access to them; as the technologies get "smarter," it becomes easier for non-specialists to use those them. We see this happening with devices such as inexpensive defibrillators, now standard issue on many airplanes, which are sufficiently automated to allow people with no medical knowledge to save the lives of heart attack victims in mid-air. This is pretty clearly a good thing. But we’re also ...

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George Dvorsky
Cozying Up with Deep Blue by George Dvorsky "Advanced Chess" pitting computer-human teams against each other shows how humans can avoid obsolescence through symbiotic relationships with technology By George Dvorsky

Betterhumans  3/2/2005

Several weeks ago, while bored on a commuter train, I decided to pull out my Palm Pilot and play a game of chess. Seeing as I had no one to play against, I decided to try m...

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Ben Hyink
The Third Axis by Ben Hyink

If it had not been for the discontent of a few who were not satisfied with their condition we would still be living in caves. Intelligent dissent is the mainspring of civilization. - Eugene V. Debs

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Dale Carrico
Healthcare and Private Perfections by Dale Carrico

In his Confessions St. Augustine, contemplating the excesses and indiscretions of his youth famously pronounced the verdict, O Lord, how crooked and sordid, bespotted and ulcerous was I. From Paul to the present, the Church has expressed especial hostility to the pleasures and meanings aroused in the free play of human bodies and brains in the world, and preached mortification of the flesh and faithful obedience as routes to the presumably deeper, more spiritual satisfactions the Church offers instead.