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Wrye Sententia
Diagramming Sentences of Value: Evolving Human Rights and the Terms of Geoethical Nanotechnology by Wrye Sententia

Talk at 1st Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, July 20, 2005 by Wrye Sententia, Ph.D., Director, Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethic.

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July 20, 2005 Terasem talks webcast

The Terasem Movement, Inc., a non-profit foundation focused on geoethical nanotechnology, plans a live webcast of its 1st Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, featuring transhumanist writer Ray Kurzweil, IEET Fellow and Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Director Mike Treder, Nobel Laureate Barry Blumberg, IEET Executive Director James Hughes, cognitive liberty campaigner Wrye Sententia and other luminaries.

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Dream of the Perfect Child Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. chats with Joan Rothschild, professor emerita from UMass Lowell, and author of The Dream of the Perfect Child.

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Mike Treder
Cure aging with nanobots? by Mike Treder

Entrepreneur and inventor Ray Kurzweil’s latest publication is called Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever. Written with Terry Grossman, the book ‘purports to make the scientific case that immortality is within our grasp, thanks to modern technology, and that it can be reached via three so-called bridges,’ according to this somewhat skeptical report.

The first bridge relies on the latest medical research into ageing and how to counteract the process with ‘nutritionals’ (food and food suppleme...

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Mike Treder
21st Century People’s History by Mike Treder

“The Democratization of History” is the title of a stimulating new essay by Jamais Cascio at WorldChanging…

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Jamais Cascio
Getting Smarter About Getting Older by Jamais Cascio

The implications of an aging global population is something that we cover on a regular basis here. The basics of the story are well-known—there are a lot of young people in the developing world, and most nations in the developed world are getting older at a rapid clip—but these basics mask some subtleties. Although there are more young people than old in the developing world now, for example, that’s transient; rates of population growth are slowing, and that youth bulge will, in time, become a big wave of older folks needin...

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Jamais Cascio
Nanotechnology and the South-South Divide by Jamais Cascio

The latest issue of Science includes a couple of very interesting articles about the state of nanotechnology research in the developing world. Chunli Bai, executive vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gives an overview of the growing importance of nanotech research in China, and its current emphasis on nanomaterial production; the article helps explain just how China has come to have the third largest nanoscience budget in the world. But it’s "Small Things and Big Changes in the Developing World," by Mohamed Ha...

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Smart, Naam, Orgasms, Food and Utopia Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. serves up a fruit salad of the tail end of an interview with John Smart, a short interview with Ramez Naam, some Betterhumans news articles and some thoughts on Marx and utopianism.

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Mike Treder
Next Big Thing by Mike Treder

What is the next Really Big Enormous Thing?

According to Dr. Robin Hanson, Assistant Professor of Economics at George Mason University, it’s… Well, he’s not sure exactly what it will be, but he makes a strong case that it will be ENORMOUS in this essay at Future Brief.

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Dana Centre panel on neuroethics 2005-06-23 (video) Dana Centre

On June 23, 2005, the European Dana Alliance for the Brain hosted a panel discussion on neuroethics with:


Professor Paul Matthews, University of Oxford Professor Chris Kennard, Imperial College London Professor Nikolas Rose, London School of Economics Host: Mr William Safire, Chairman, The Dana Foundation, USA