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Jamais on ITConversations ITConversations

(from ITConversations) This keynote address from MeshForum delves deeply into the technology that has created “sousveillance” (watching from below) - a kind of citizen photo and video patrol that watches the watchers. Discussing how camera phones could evolve into Personal Memory Assistants, Jamais Cascio paints a picture of a future where no one would ever forget anything and no activity would go unrecorded. The seeds of this imagined future exist now in current projects monitoring politicians and human rights abuses.

Fellows > Jamais Cascio
Jamais Cascio
The Catastrophist’s Dilemma by Jamais Cascio The DVD of The Day After Tomorrow is out and, despite it being neither a terribly edifying spectacle nor subtle work of art, I felt compelled to pick it up. It’s the first big climate change disaster movie, but it won’t be the last; in it’s own way, it’s a historical document. When it came out last year, it generated a lot of buzz (something we played a tiny role in helping to create) and even more debate about its scientific veracity. TDAT was not meant as public education, but many (both global warming activists and de...
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Russell Blackford
Proteus, meet Leviathan:  just where are the moral limits? by Russell Blackford


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The Politics of Bioethics Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. interviews Glenn McGee, editor of the American Journal of Bioethics, producer of, professor of philosophy at Albany Medical College, and author of many books including The Perfect Baby and Beyond Genetics.

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Mike Treder
Toward a System of Global Management by Mike Treder

Whenever we say anything good about the United Nations or suggest that the U.N. might be part of a plan for safe, responsible development and use of advanced nanotechnology, we receive shrill comments from readers. Some cast doubts on the efficacy of the U.N., some point to its alleged corruption, and others question its very need for existence.

On the other hand, the U.N. currently is the only functioning pan-national body with the necessary reach (if not the authority) to serve as a platform for organizing cooperative...

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Russell Blackford
The Myth of Human Dignity by Russell Blackford

Despite what some bioethicists say, our DNA doesn’t hold our moral worth

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Are You a Transhuman? Changesurfer Radio

Dr. J. narrates a review of the life and work of FM-2030 (born Fereidoun M. Esfandiary). FM-2030 was a pioneer of radical futurism, the founder of the Upwinger movement and an ongoing inspiration for transhumanist thought.

Fellows > Mike Treder
Mike Treder
Nanotechnology and the Singularity by Mike Treder

How soon do you expect integrated, exponential, general-purpose molecular manufacturing (MM) to be developed? Will it take place before artificial general intelligence (AGI) is achieved? Or will the robust power of AGI be required to make MM attainable?

These questions have been debated from time to time on this blog, but now someone with considerable expertise in the field of artificial intelligence has made a rather startling pronouncement.

Dana centre: Clash of crises? (video) Dana Centre

What will pose the greatest threat to society in the future - climate change, pandemics, such as the SARS outbreak, terrorism or something else? What can science do to answer this question and what should be done to prevent the crises? Climate change is arguably one of the most important crises the world faces today. However, it competes for attention against other concerns such as disease and terrorism.

J. Hughes
Report on Hughes’ April 13 talk in Albany

John Rodat’s “More Human than Human” review of my April 13 talk in Albany New York, published in the Metroland magazine, is far less skeptical than the run of the mill reception:

The author of Citizen Cyborg was on hand to discuss the controversial and wide-ranging topic of transhumanism in democratic society, and in light of recent events such as the Terri Schiavo case, it’s understandable that Hughes would be ready for objections to a philosophy that seeks to ‘deconstruct’ the notion of what it is...