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Natasha Vita-More appointed Visiting Scholar at 21st Century Medicine

Details to follow.

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Spring edition of h+ magazine released

The new issue of H+ Magazine is out and it looks great! Jamais Cascio has two pieces in it!

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J. Hughes Quoted in Article on Wired Website

IEET Executive Director was featured in an article on brain-machine interfaces on the Wired website.

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Natasha Vita-More featured in STAND-UP Art about Human Rights

IEET Fellow Natasha Vita-More will be presenting at the “Stand-up for Human Rights” conference and event in Pozan, Poland. Her campaign, “Human Rights for Human Enhancement” reflects the right to enhance and the right not to be coerced to enhance. STAND-UP is the collaborative effort of One World Association and Poznan Academy of Fine Arts which focuses on human rights issue by using film, narrative, interactive media, and digital arts as a medium.

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Should We “Hack the Earth” to Fix Climate Change?

Jamais’ collection of essays about geoengineering, Hacking the Earth, is available from Lulu.

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Neuroscientist David Eagleman guest blogging on George’s Blog next week

Neuroscientist David Eagleman will be guest-blogging at George’s Sentient Developments next week, presumably sharing his thoughts on transhumanism and prospects for ‘silicon immortality.’

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EMERGENCE - IEET News for Feb 6, 2009

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Global Spiral Publishes Ten Defenses of Transhumanism

In its “Special Issue on Transhumanism”, the magazine Global Spiral gave guest editor Hava Tirosh-Samuelson and five other authors - Ted Peters, Katherine Hayles, Don Ihde, Jean-Pierre Dupuy, and Andrew Pickering - all participants in a Templeton Foundation-funded project on transhumanism - an opportunity to critique transhumanism’s alleged faults. This responsive second Special Issue on Transhumanism is an opportunity for ten transhumanist authors - seven of them members of the IEET community - to evaluate the criticisms a...

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Congratulations to Goertzel and de Grey for Participation in Singularity University

IEET fellows Ben Goertzel and Aubrey de Grey have been tapped to be faculty of the new Singularity University.

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Bostrom and Savulescu Issue “Human Enhancement” Collection

We are pleased to announce the release of “Human Enhancement”, edited by IEET Chair Nick Bostrom and Julian Savulescu, with contributions from many important leaders in bioethics, including Arthur Caplan and Peter Singer.