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Rushkoff on the Future on CNN

IEET Fellow Doug Rushkoff writes on his blog:

I just spent three hours recording a special for CNN called Welcome to the Future, along with Jeff Greenfield, Ray Kurzweil, Mirka De Arellano, and the spectabulous (yes, she deserves her own adjective) Margaret Cho, which will air on CNN the evening of March 25.

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IEET Convergencia in Madrid

The “Segundas Jornadas sobre Convergencia Ciencia-Tecnología” took place in the University of Alcalá (near Madrid) from 6 to 10 March 2006. On March 9 there was a panel on “TRANSHUMANISMO: UNA VISIÓN ÉTICA DE LA TECNOLOGÍA PARA LA EXTENSIÓN DE LA VIDA” (Transhumanism: an ethical vision of life extension technology) with speakers that included IEET Executive Director James Hughes, IEET Fellow Mike Treder and IEET Board member Giulio Prisco. The event was very successful, with more than 5...

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Journal of Evolution and Technology 15(1) - February 2006

Full Table of Contents

William Kitchin “The Fundamental Right of Medical Necessity and Genetic Intervention for Substance Abuse” Gurjit Kaur and Neena Gupta “E-health: A New Perspective on Global Health”

Melvin Barber “Abandoned Communities: The Malignant Social Consequences of Modern Technology on Communities”

Philip Chaston “Bowling alone with Emile Durkheim”

Gregory Jordan “Apologia for Transhumanist Religion”

Christopher Y...

Epic gains to be had in longer life

Friend of the IEET Anders Sandberg had this letter published in the Financial Times in response to Richard Tomkins’ article on February 28 about his various anxieties about life extension.

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Missouri to vote on ban on human genetic engineering

The Elliot Institute, directed by anti-abortion activist David Reardon, and the ”Coalition to Regulate Human Engineering and Human-Animal Crossbreeding” (which is the Elliot Institute and the Life Issues Institute) have put an initiative on the November 2006 ballot to amend the Missouri constitution to ban transgenics, cloning and human genetic engineering. The initiative is called “Regulation of Human-Animal Crossbreeds, Cloning, Transhumanism, and Human Engineering Is Reserved to the People....

Declaration of the World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research, Rome, Feb 16-18, 2006

The first World Congress for Freedom of Scientific Research was held in Rome February 16-18, 2006, and issued the Declaration below, calling for Euro funding of embryonic stem cell research.

All the talks are online:

Some you might be interested in: UK bioethicist John Harris (1)  (2) , conraception researcher Carl Djerassi and this panel (02:17:13):

Elena Cattaneo, member of the Sterring Committee of the Center of Excellence on Neurodegenerative Disease (CEND, University of Milan) (01:13”)


54 Scientists Call for Targeted Anti-Aging Research

Posted at

Scientists’ Open Letter on Aging Research

To whom it may concern,

Aging has been slowed and healthy lifespan prolonged in many disparate animal models (C. elegans, Drosophila, Ames dwarf mice, etc.). Thus, assuming there are common fundamental mechanisms, it should also be possible to slow aging in humans.

Greater knowledge about aging should bring better management of the debilitating pathologies associated with aging, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, type...

Check out the latest Futurist: the future of human-machine intelligence

The March/April 2006 issue of The Futurist looks very interesting (some of these articles can be found at KurzweilAI, or you can order copies):

Reinventing Humanity: The Future of Machine–Human Intelligence By Ray Kurzweil Author and inventor Ray Kurzweil sees a radical evolution of the human species in the next 40 years.  Commentaries to this article are provided by development systems theorist John Smart, nanotech researcher J. Storrs Hall, cultural studies scholar Damien Broderick, and social critic and researcher Richa...

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Miah on the Torino Olympics

Andy writes: Just got back from the Torino 2006 Olympics after a marathon of interviews, research and function attendance. I only managed to see a couple of sports, but only briefly. There have been a number of controversies surrounding doping, which are ongoing. There was even talk of gene doping, but nothing confirmed. While there, I managed to interview twice for CBC, once for The Hour and also for main national news.

The symposium on Web 2.0 was also a lot of fun. Convinced me to go pro with flickr and set up on wordpress, which...

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Rockin the Boskone

Having a great time this weekend at Boskone, the annual Boston science fiction convention. I’ve brought my son, Tristan, along, who is reading a lot of science fiction, and is reading Newton’s Wake right now, a novel written by this one of this year’s Boskone’s guests of honor, Ken MacLeod. Ken is a left-libertarian Scot who has infused his ten novels with a profound engagement with political history, humor and philosophy. Ken serves as an Honorary Vice Chair of the World Transhumanist Association.