Special Issue of JET on Religion and Transhumanism

Religion & Transhumanism Issue (Vol. 14,  Issue 2 - August 2005)

Mark Walker and Heidi Campbell  "Introduction to Special Issue on Transhumanism and Religion"

John Hedley Brooke  "Visions of Perfectibility"

Patrick D. Hopkins  "Transcending the Animal: How Transhumanism and Religion Are and Are Not Alike"

Stephen Garner  "Transhumanism and Christian Social Concern" 

Michael LaTorra  "Trans-Spirit: Religi...

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Naam on Berkeley Groks, Wasserman on Control of Emotion

IEET Fellow Ramez Naam appeared on the June 1, 2005 Berkeley Groks radio program “Breakthroughs in biomedical research will soon allow us to live longer, grow stronger, and think smarter. But, will these advances come at a price? On this program, Ramez Naam discussed the promise of biological enhancement.” (Download and listen here.)

Also, this week’s Changesurfer Radio, which is produced by IEET Executive Director J. Hughes, carries a fascinating talk by philosopher David Wasserman on the chemical control of emoti...

Fellows > Aubrey de Grey > HealthLongevity
Guardian covers Aubrey de Grey’s anti-aging conference

Maverick who believes we can live for ever

Mark Honigsbaum Saturday September 10, 2005 The Guardian

Vision > J. Hughes
Changesurfer Radio: Critical Bio-Art

For those of you who are not yet subscribed to the podcast feed for my radio show, you can listen to the latest show here: 2005.8.27 - Critical BioArt  -  Dr. J. chats with Steve Kurtz, a member of the Critical Art Ensemble, a group focused on “biotechnology, its colonising effects and ideological layering, and the biorevolution in global capitalism.” Kurtz and CAE are engaged in a legal battle with the US District Attorney over a politically motivated investigation of alleged bioterrorist activities.

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Treder Forms Task Force to Study Societal Implications of Nanotech

IEET Fellow Mike Treder has announced that the Center for Responsible Nanotechnology that he directs has convened a group to study the societal implications of nanotechnology. IEET Chair Nick Bostrom will serve on the group, along with SF author David Brin, UNU Millenium Program Director Jerry Glenn and futurist/inventor Ray Kurzweil.

J. Hughes
Hughes speaks at Secular Students Association - Columbus Ohio - Aug 11-14, 2005

SSA Con 2005: Connecting the Secular Movement with Other Communities

The Ohio State University, August 11-14

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Hughes speaks at APLS Sept 1 and visiting D.C. Aug 31 - Sept 3

IEET Executive Director James Hughes will be attending and speaking at the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences (Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC) August 31 - September 4, 2005.

Email info(at-sign) if you would like information about having dinner with Dr. Hughes and other local human enhancement activists on Thursday, Sept 1 or Friday, Sept 2.

Fellows > Mike Treder > J. Hughes
Treder & Hughes Participate in Terasem Meeting

Adapted from Responsible Nanotechnology blog.

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July 20, 2005 Terasem talks webcast

The Terasem Movement, Inc., a non-profit foundation focused on geoethical nanotechnology, plans a live webcast of its 1st Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, featuring transhumanist writer Ray Kurzweil, IEET Fellow and Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Director Mike Treder, Nobel Laureate Barry Blumberg, IEET Executive Director James Hughes, cognitive liberty campaigner Wrye Sententia and other luminaries.

Directors > Nick Bostrom
Bostrom to Head New James Martin 21st Century School

Nick Bostrom, the Chair of the IEET, has been named to head the new The Oxford Future of Humanity Institute (OXFHI), part of Oxford’s new James Martin 21st Century School. OXFHI will assess technologies that have the potential to radically transform the human condition, such as human enhancement medicine, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. OXFHI will also study threats to human survival and global catastrophic risk. Using multi-disciplinary scientific research and ethical analysis, the Institute will seek to identify h...