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Hughes speaks at APLS Sept 1 and visiting D.C. Aug 31 - Sept 3

IEET Executive Director James Hughes will be attending and speaking at the Twenty-Fifth Annual Meeting of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences (Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC) August 31 - September 4, 2005.

Email info(at-sign) if you would like information about having dinner with Dr. Hughes and other local human enhancement activists on Thursday, Sept 1 or Friday, Sept 2.

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Treder & Hughes Participate in Terasem Meeting

Adapted from Responsible Nanotechnology blog.

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July 20, 2005 Terasem talks webcast

The Terasem Movement, Inc., a non-profit foundation focused on geoethical nanotechnology, plans a live webcast of its 1st Annual Workshop on Geoethical Nanotechnology, featuring transhumanist writer Ray Kurzweil, IEET Fellow and Center for Responsible Nanotechnology Director Mike Treder, Nobel Laureate Barry Blumberg, IEET Executive Director James Hughes, cognitive liberty campaigner Wrye Sententia and other luminaries.

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Bostrom to Head New James Martin 21st Century School

Nick Bostrom, the Chair of the IEET, has been named to head the new The Oxford Future of Humanity Institute (OXFHI), part of Oxford’s new James Martin 21st Century School. OXFHI will assess technologies that have the potential to radically transform the human condition, such as human enhancement medicine, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. OXFHI will also study threats to human survival and global catastrophic risk. Using multi-disciplinary scientific research and ethical analysis, the Institute will seek to identify h...

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Naam and Hughes Named Fellows of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences

IEET Director James Hughes and IEET Fellow Ramez Naam have been elected Fellows of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences.

The World Academy is a network of approximately 500 individuals from diverse cultures, nationalities, and intellectual disciplines, chosen for eminence in art, the natural and social sciences, and the humanities. Its focus is on the social consequences and policy implications of knowledge, and the challenges confronting people in a rapidly changing global civilization. It has in several instances chosen to...

J. Hughes
Report on Hughes’ April 13 talk in Albany

John Rodat’s “More Human than Human” review of my April 13 talk in Albany New York, published in the Metroland magazine, is far less skeptical than the run of the mill reception:

The author of Citizen Cyborg was on hand to discuss the controversial and wide-ranging topic of transhumanism in democratic society, and in light of recent events such as the Terri Schiavo case, it’s understandable that Hughes would be ready for objections to a philosophy that seeks to ‘deconstruct’ the notion of what it is ...