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Heather Bradshaw

Heather Bradshaw spent her early childhood in the remote hills and dusty towns and villages of Iran, Pakistan, and Libya where her father often worked to use technology to bring clean drinking water, refrigeration, employment, skills, and more sustainable livelihoods to people who had not yet experienced these benefits. Her own appreciation of the power of technology to bring positive change on an individual and social level led her to study (automotive) engineering at university back in the UK and then, after a short period working for a small British manufacturing company, to work for the UK Government’s trade promotion agency, British Trade International. Through this she also developed an interest in and links with China.

She has been privileged to study as a mature student at the Universities of Oxford (BA Hons PPE—politics, philosophy and economics) and Bristol where she currently is completing a PhD on human enhancement technologies and disability. This involves qualitative research with people with a variety of differences including Deafness, visual impairment, chronic illness and different mobility modes. Ms. Bradshaw retains interests in the automotive industry, civil engineering, and in aid work. As well as her academic qualifications, she holds a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma, the Institute of Export Advanced Certificate in International Trade, and qualifications in business and management.