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Dorothy Deasy

Dorothy Deasy is a freelance design researcher. She specializes in the user’s context and strategic qualitative projects using techniques such as immersion, ethnography, observation, and indirect inquiry. She has a Masters of Applied Theology and a BS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. A Christian existentialist, her thesis is on spirituality for a transhuman age.

“Still we struggle against the tides, against the magnets in our genes, which pull us together, reminding us that we are not alone, but the universe itself.” (from the poem Magnets In Our Genes)

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Recent Multimedia
The Relevance of God in a Transhuman Society   2011-05-01

Past Appearances
Benek, Deasy, Redding @ Transhumanism and the Church (Samford University, Birmingham, AL USA - Sep 24, 2015)

Extreme Future Tech Conference (Redmond, WA - Jul 18, 2015)