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Clyde DeSouza

Clyde DeSouza is an Author and Creative Technology Evangelist. He explores technologies such as Augmented Reality, Real-time Game engines and Stereoscopic 3D and their influence on human perception.

Raised in different parts of the world, he is at ease in multicultural environments and loves interacting with people of diverse backgrounds, believing that holding on to tradition is over-rated, and a border-less, technology driven world is the future.

His book Think in 3D, has been peer recommended as essential reading for Directors. Clyde’s coining of new terminology in 3D has made it’s way into the 3D Encyclopedic Dictionary.

His Think in 3D masterclasses are an on-going success in Asia and Europe. Recent projects include the setup of Advanced Media and Technology Labs for Government and Educational Media institutions to foster collaboration, and sustain employee motivation. These Collaborative Environments help in seeding ideas and in furthering the knowledge capital of developing countries in the MiddleEast and SouthEast Asia.

His second book: Memories With Maya is a fiction novel in the hard science/tech-noir genre. The story explores the impact Augmented Intelligence will have in human personal relationships and in society. His aim in writing the book is to bring the ethos of Transhumanism via story


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