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Dustin Eirdosh

Dustin Eirdosh, M.Sc., is the curriculum designer for the Berlin-based NGO Big Red Earth, working to cultivate capacity in Madagascar’s southwestern University of Toliara, supporting leadership in applied studies of sustainable development. Originally trained as a Human Ecologist specializing in civic education and agriculture; Dustin has spent most of the last decade developing education innovation projects in Maine, as well as as producing Grass-fed beef & dairy products in Maine, Washington State, and Pennsylvania. During graduate studies in the political psychology of agricultural biotechnology at the University of Kassel-Witzenhausen, Germany; he moved to Madagascar in 2012 to work on projects that integrate evolutionary sciences across disciplines; including in the reflective development of emerging technologies in the context of higher education. These early efforts have led to the creation of the NGO Big Red Earth in the summer of 2015. Together with his wife, agronomist, Dr. Susan Hanisch, Big Red Earth provides professional development, networking, and financial strategy services to Madagascar’s University of Toliara. Additionally, in collaboration with the University, Big Red Earth is the lead organizer of the new annual conference series Madagascar 2030: The Role of Universities in Sustainable Development.

Dustin coordinates and contributes to several social media ventures including:

Biotech & Your Brain: A Global Forum for Educators is a facebook group for educators of all stripes to share resources and discuss the nuances of teaching not just the science of agricultural biotechnology, but also the policy debates and the psychology of science underpinning this controversial political discourse.

The Malagasy Youth Action Network (MYAN) is an informal network of Malagasy youth interested in both sustainable development, and also increasing the english-language voice of Malagasy youth in the global discourse on development issues through social media content.

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