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Richard Eskow

Richard “RJ” Eskow, serves on the IEET Board of Directors and as a Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America’s Future. RJ is CEO of Health Knowledge Systems (HKS) in Los Angeles, which provides services to the healthcare and workers’ compensation industries. Through Eskow and Associates, RJ is also a consultant specializing in healthcare and insurance, IT, strategic planning, and communications. Most clients are in the IT and health-related industries, although Richard has also worked with NGO’s, state and national governments, and in the entertainment industry.

Richard had senior executive positions at several Forture 500 firms and was CEO of two medical management companies before forming HKS. He also served as a senior consultant to the World Bank, the U.S. State Dept/USAID, and government and private entities in over 20 foreign countries. Areas of expertise included health policy, healthcare investment, operations, marketing, and strategic planning.

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