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Adam A. Ford

Adam A. Ford is an IEET Affiliate Scholar, a futurist and IT professional who lives in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He completed his Masters in IT (Distributed Systems) in 2003 and has been contracting in the IT sector since the late 90s.  He is on the Board of Humanity+, and is the founder of H+ Australia, organises regular think tank oriented discussion groups, and conferences around the future of science and technology aimed at shaping the likelihood of a favorable future for humanity.  He is spearheading the Future Day initiative, aimed at creating an international day of attention to matters regarding our future. He is a midnight oil burner, a skeptic, plays an assortment of musical instruments, and enjoys good sci-fi. Adam is also a part-time journalist, he regularly conducts interviews with rationalists, futurists, scientists and technologists - the videos end up on his blossoming YouTube channel with over 700 videos of exclusive material.

He is working on a documentary on possible futures of humanity. He also wishes to help improve the likelihood of a beneficial Intelligence Explosion.

His first computer was an Apple IIc, his latest is an Android.

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"Physicist Lawrence Krauss: God is a byproduct of your hard-wired narcissism"   Ethical Technology  (Oct 16, 2014)

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