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Sean Hays

Sean Hays Ph.D.  teaches political science at Northern Arizona University. Sean served as an IEET Affiliate Scholar 2010-2012, and is the former director of the IEET’s Securing the Future program. He is currently working with Drs. Clark Miller and Jason Robert of Arizona State University’s Center for Nanotechnology in Society to complete an edited volume on nanotechnology and cognitive enhancement, as well as on creating a system for modeling non-linear dynamic technological histories.  In addition, his long-term research program continues to involve integrating the insights of the canonical political theorists into STS and science policy, developing new tools for dynamic non-linear historical modeling, and working with CNS at ASU to further develop anticipatory governance, a model for reforming societal institutions so they are better prepared to mitigate any potential negative externalities that attend new technologies.

Dr. Hays has spent the past five years conducting research in science and technology studies and science policy around the topic of emergent technologies.  His dissertation was a preliminary analysis of the implications of cognitive enhancement technologies for competition within American political culture.  He has already amassed a substantial publication record with three refereed publications pending, two chapters pending in an edited volume, an edited volume of his own due out in late 2010, and a number of other un-refereed publications in prominent publications.