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Sven Gábor Jánszky

Sven Gábor Jánszky is Co-Founder and CEO of the Germany based trend research institute “2b AHEAD ThinkTank” as well as Co-Founder and President of the European “RULEBREAKER Society”.  With his book “Rulebreaker – How People Think, Whose Ideas Change The World”, he gradually became the prominent and visible mouthpiece of disruptive thinkers and innovators in German economy. Jánszky has also written the trend books “2020 – How we`ll live in the future” and “2025 – How we’ll work in the future”. With his management books “The re-measurement of human values” and “The redruiting dilemma” he strongly influences the understanding and discussion on leadership strategies in german speaking economy. He published hundreds of trend studies and analyses on future living, its environmental, social and economic aspects, and on future business models.

As a consultant, Jánszky coaches top-managers and companies on trends and innovation management, heads creative processes for future product and business model development. He`s a nationwide sought-after interview expert for Germany´s leading business media on innovations and trends, and a frequent keynote speaker at innovation conferences and strategy meetings.  Within his innovation workshops, he analyses the individual Trend Cycles of attending companies and helps them to develop new strategic approaches and products for their future.

The futurist has studied journalism at Leipzig University. Following that, he has worked as a journalist, editor, editor in chief, news director, presenter and primetime anchorman in several German radio stations for more than 10 years. 2002, Jánszky accepted the offer to work as a research fellow and lecturer at Leipzig University. In the following years he taught at different universities and lectured master courses on “Leadership” at Karlshochschule International University and Leipzig University.

Jánszky is president of the board of directors of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank AG in St. Gallen (Switzerland), supervisory board member of Karlshochschule International University, member of the corporate advisory board of the Management Circle AG, Co-Founder and President of RULEBREAKER Society and Co-Founder and Managing Director of RULEBREAKER Management investors.

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