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Alex Lightman

Alex Lightman has 25 years of management and social innovation experience and 15 years of chairman and chief executive experience. Award-winning inventor with multiple US patents issued or pending and author of over one million published words, including the first book on 4G wireless, and over 150 articles in major publications. Chaired and organized 17 international conferences with engineers, scientists, and government officials since 2002 with intention of achieving policy breakthroughs related to innovation. World-class innovator and recipient of the first Economist magazine Readers’ Choice Award for « The Innovation that will Most Radically Change the World over the Decade 2010 to 2020 » (awarded Oct. 21, 2010, out of 4,000 initial suggestions and votes over 5 months from 200 countries, and from 32 judges). Recipient (post-humous) of the 2nd Reader’s Award (announced 10/21/2011 was Steve Jobs). Winner of the only SGI Internet 3D contest (both Entertainment and Grand Prize) out of 800 contestants.

Currently completing national innovation plan for the US White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy, entitled The Acceleration of American Innovation.

Social innovation work includes repeatedly putting almost unknown technologies and innovation-accelerating policies that can leverage the abilities of humanity into the mainstream of media, business, government, foundations, and standards bodies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, Internet Protocol version 6, and 4G wireless broadband, open spectrum, technology transfer to developing countries, unified standards, crowd-sourcing, and collective intelligence, via over 40 US government agencies, over 40 national governments, and via international entities including the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Political credentials including work for US Senator Paul E. Tsongas (D-MA) and on several state campaigns and US presidential campaigns for Democratic candidates (Gary Hart, Richard Gephardt), presentations to the United Nations, and advisory services to the governments of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Japan, China, Korea and India, as well as to the US Congress, the White House (viaOffice of Management and Budget), the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, the DefenseInformation Systems Agency, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Trained as an engineer at MIT and as a prospective diplomat and policy analyst at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government.
Have raised over $80 million in equity and debt as finder or principal. Currently serve with two boards of directors of US public companies involved in networks and technology and a private privacy company. Formerly with the cleantech nonprofit affiliated with the United Nations, the Intergovernment Renewable Energy Organization (IREO) ; and with H+, a futurist think tank that publishes H+, a digital magazine with 600,000 readers a month. H+ Summit chaired Dec. 5/6 2009 attracted over 412,000 webcast viewers. Most recent conference chaired and organized was H+ Summit@ Harvard University,  June 12/13, 2010.


1.    Winner/recipient, The Economist magazine “Readers’ Choice” Innovation Award, for “Innovationmost likely to radically change the world over the decade 2010 to 2020”, for 4G Networks. This is the first and so far only global contest of its kind. Readers from over 200 countries were permitted to give ideas (and they came up with 4,000 initially, reduced by 32 judges to seven candidates) and to vote over a period of five months. Given the award on Oct. 21, 2010 at London Science Museum.
YouTube Video of Acceptance Speech
2.    Initiated, organized, and testified at the standing -room-only US Congressional hearings on IPv6 chaired by Cong. Tom Davis (R-VA) that prompted the Office of Management and Budget to require all US federal agencies to be IPv6 enabled by June, 2008, an almost unprecedented success in lobbying the US federal government, which almost never mandates technology for itself. The hearing title,” To Lead or Follow: The Next Generation Internet and the Transition to IPv6”, was based on my April 6Sense Article, “Lead, Follow, or Lose the Great Game: Why We Must Chose a US IPv6 Leader”. Personally chose the government witnesses and the industry witnesses. Industry panel was Microsoft, NTT, ARIN, and me.
3.    Raised $60 million for Innofone, more than for all other IPv6 pure play companies in the world combined as of Sept. 2006.
4.    Signed first national agreement to create a nationwide 4G wireless broadband network using WiMax with IPv6, Sept. 2006.
5.    Signed Memorandum of Agreement with the federal government of the Philippines, via the Commission on Information and Communication Technology (CIST) to collaborate on IPv6 training, wireless broadband, and an ENUM registry.
6.    Organized and chaired North American IPv6 Summit 2003, June 23-25, San Diego, CA at SDSU. 385 attendees and 15 sponsors.
7.    Led Innofone to become the first M & A company in the IPv6 space, and to acquire InfoWeapons, Mobile Technology Group, and Digital Presence.
8.    Settled biggest corporate legal dispute of IPv6 industry to date with $6.2 million to Innofone within 3.5 months afterInfoWeapons breached the acquisition agreement.
9.    Organized and chaired US IPv6 Summit 2003, Arlington, VA, December 9-11. 527 attendees and 25 sponsors.
10.  Organized and chaired first ever IPv6 Day at Consumer Electronics Show (largest trade show in the US), January 15, 2004.
11.  Organized and chaired North American IPv6 Summit 2004, June 14-17, 2004, Santa Monica, CA, with 530 attendees and 27 sponsors.
12.  Organized and chaired US IPv6 Summit 2004, Reston, VA, in cooperation with the Dept. of Defense IPv6 Transition Office.
13.  Organized and chaired first ever Coalition Summit for IPv6, May 2005, Reston, VA, in cooperation with the Dept. of Defense IPv6 Transition Office, with 500 attendees and 20 sponsors, including participation from over 20 countries.
14.  Organized and chaired the US IPv6 Summit 2005, Reston, VA, with 671 attendees and 20 sponsors, in Dec. 2005.
15.  Organizing and chaired the first Federal IPv6 Summit, May 17-19, 2006, in Reston, VA.
16.  Organizing and chairing the second Coalition Summit for IPv6, March, 2007, Reston, VA, in cooperation with NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
17.  Organizing and chairing the first Asian IPv6 Summit, October, 2007.
18.  Awarded one of the first two contracts to advise the US government on IPv6, via DoD’s DISA.
19.  Sole author of one of the two DoD IPv6 transition plans, focused on outreach to multiple stakeholders
20.  Presented on US IPv6 at IPv6 and 3G summits in San Diego, Madrid, Tokyo, Beijing (2x).
21.  Transformed press view of IPv6 from skeptical and sarcastic to enthusiastically supportive, and name for IPv6 to “New Internet”, a term coined by my team.
22.  Tripled the tempo, from one summit every 18 months in the US to once every 6 months.
23.  More than doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled, previous peak attendance at any North American IPv6 event ever organized without my leadership, anywhere.
24.  Founding director of The IPv6 Association and The 4G Society.
25.  Massively increased corporate, nonprofit and media sponsorships at IPv6 events.
26.  Created, edited, and published 6Sense, the first IPv6 newsletter with original content outside of Japan’s IPv6 Style, and published 4 to 10 articles every month from April, 2004 to the present.
27.  One of the world’s leading accelerators of IPv6 and 4G diffusion via simplification and amplification of core advantages.
28.  Personally accounted for over 70% of all IPv6-related corporate sponsorship, from companies including Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Nokia, Nortel, Alcatel, Hewlett-Packard, Ericsson, Panasonic, and manyothers in first years of IPv6 summits.
29.  Earned reputation as the human hub of the emerging global IPv6 business community.
30.  Created first profitable IPv6 pure play, IPv6 Summit, Inc.
31.  Created first public company focused on IPv6 by reverse merging IPv6 Summit, Inc. : Innofone (OTC BB: INFN)
32.  Completed the contract from NATO to do the IPv6 timeline for all 26 national members of NATO
33.  Completed the contract from Juniper to do the IPv6 Best Practices World Report
34.  Sole keynote speaker out of 70 companies (total) for four of the last four small cap investor conferences attended.
35.  Twice in a row was keynote speaker (“Big Three”) at the Bahrain World Economic Summit, Manama, Bahrain, speaking about how the GCC and Middle East can develop their own Silicon Valley.


Winner, The Economist Magazine, First Reader’s Choice Award for “Innovationthat will most impact the next decade”, for 4G Networks. Awards, announced in London, Oct. 21, 2010
PRISM (PR) prize, Consumer Products, and Shandwick, Wearable Computer fashion show
Winner of SGI Virtual Reality Modeling Language Competition Grand Prize, All Categories, 1998
Winner of SGI Virtual Reality Competition, Entertainment Category, 1998
Chosen as one of the “Top Ten CEOs of the Future”, Chief Executive magazine’s 20th anniversary, 1998
Winner of Johnson Foundation Prize as (one of ten) “America’s Most Innovative Educator”, 1992

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