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Randall Mayes

Randall Mayes served as a 2009 fellow of the IEET. Mr. Mayes is a science writer and policy analyst with a focus on athletics and performance enhancement. He is author of The Cybernetics of Kenyan Running, which examined the role of cultural, historical, environmental, and physiological factors contributing to Kenyan running success. He is now working on a book on athletic performance enhancement. He holds a Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University where he worked on cybernetic approaches to solving environmental problems and developing policy solutions, and policy analysis of government failures in science policy. He has managed athletes and worked in the private sector. His areas of interest include evolution, evodevo, environmental policy, athletic enhancement, Kenyan runner physiology, genomics, synthetic biology/ biological engineering, bio-nanotechnology, epigenetics, systems biology, biological anthropology/ evolutionary anthropology, Smart Homes, DNA patenting, government failures in science policy, risk assessment of biotechnology, and transhumanism.

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