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Owen Nicholas

Nicholas Owen was born and raised in Hong Kong. He speaks Cantonese and has often enjoyed exploring the differences between European and Chinese attitudes towards the adoption of new technologies. He is widely travelled having lived for some time in Australia, Cyprus and now the UK. After recently graduating from Nottingham University, where he majored in History and Political Science, he has become involved in numerous charities aiding the elderly and ethnic minorities in areas such as arranging adequate housing and finding employment.

He holds several qualifications in computing and teaching English as a foreign language, and has taught foreign student groups in the UK and HK. Since encountering the academic strain of Transhumanism he has sought to expand awareness of the possibilities and surrounding issues into the public sphere by organising and mediating student debates on human enhancement.

Owen is an avid SF fan and a zealous advocate of existential Japanese anime, which he argues has far more evocative power and realism than the great majority of western animation and Hollywood blockbusters. He is active on blogs and websites fighting to keep the Internet open and free, and also strongly advocates issues such as bodily autonomy, the legalisation of drugs, sex work, euthanasia and the right to direct democracy. He is a Linux enthusiast and enjoys building small scale replicas of 20th century battleships when no one’s around.

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