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Johan Nygren

Johan Nygren is a natural born creative who abandoned to pursue a career in the digital revolution. He’s currently focused on the ongoing decentralization of everything and what is often called “the 4th industrial revolution”, and how humans will leverage these P2P technologies to create something that is larger than themselves. Most of all, he’s interested in social resilience and fairness, and he wants to see individuals empowered to stand up against oppressive and coercive machines. He loves nature and is curious about the future of evolution.

"Laws, when “hosted” in human brains, as memetic infections"   Ethical Technology  (Jun 2, 2017)

"A redefinition of mental illness as “law-integration disorder”, and the case for universal basic income"   Ethical Technology  (May 25, 2017)

"Psychiatry is a pseudo-science used as a replacement for trust"   Backfeed Magazine  (Dec 30, 2016)

"Using P2P value maps and universal darwinism for a crypto basic income system"   Resilience Press  (Apr 2, 2016)

"What we call mental illness is coerced contractual agreements"  (Jan 30, 2016)