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Wrye Sententia

Wrye Sententia served as an IEET Fellow from 2005 through 2009. She directed the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics (CCLE), a nonprofit research,  policy, and public education center which worked to advance and protect freedom of thought into the 21st century.  Dr. Sententia guided the CCLE in sponsoring the National Science Foundation’s initiatives aimed at “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance.” In 2002,  Sententia provided comments to the appointed President’s Council on Bioethics in Washington D.C., on the topic of cognitive enhancement technologies and in October 2004 debated members of the Council on the democratic values of the US Declaration of Independence in relation to emergent enhancement biotechnologies and human freedom.

Wrye is a Postdoctoral Lecturer, at the University of California, Davis and serves on the technology ethics advisory board for the Nanoethics Group.  In addition to her nonprofit work on the policy and ethics of freedom of thought in an age of neurotechnology, she currently teaches both for the UC Davis Technocultural Studies Program and the University Writing Program.

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