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Khannea Suntzu

Khannea Sun Tzu is a politically left leaning futurist and activist. She works in scenario building, outcome modelling as a freelance consultant. Politically she is Left-Libertarian, Upwing and Cosmist, or Cosmicist. Khannea is very concerned about rampant corporatism, the direction of US politics, and global disparity and has characterized each of these these repeatedly as “embryonic existential risks waiting to emerge”. Ideologically Khannea strongly favors the ethical system of David Pearce.
Her pain focus points are basic Income, technological unemplioyment, life extension, the potentially alien, inhumane nature of AI, Space bases solar power, thorium reactors, space industrialization, climate weirding, geo-engineering, resource depletion, asteroid mining, space habitats, existential risks and global resource depletion. Khannea works closely with dutch Amanda Stoel in the TechnoGaianism community.
Khannea is a woman of transgender origin, part-time working in Amsterdam as sex worker ( and at sex worker related volunteer organizations in Amsterdam.  Khannea can invariably be found at fetish parties (such as Wasteland) and similar libertine venues.

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