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Melanie Swan

Melanie Swan, MBA, is an Affiliate Scholar of the IEET. Ms. Swan, principal of the MS Futures Group, is a philosopher, science and technology futurist, and options trader.

She has an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, a BA from Georgetown University, and is currently a Contemporary Philosophy graduate student at Kingston University London and Université Paris 8. She is a faculty member at Singularity University and the University of the Commons, an Advisor to the Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi), and an invited contributor to the Edge’s Annual Essay Question. Ms. Swan founded the citizen science organization DIYgenomics, which pioneered the crowdsourced health research study, and a future-economics startup company, GroupPurchase, which aggregated small business buying groups.

She was Director of Research at telecommunication consultancy RHK/Ovum, and previously held management and finance positions at iPass in Silicon Valley, J.P. Morgan in New York, Fidelity in Boston, and Arthur Andersen in Los Angeles. Ms. Swan speaks French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Recent publications and research interests include an ethics of perception of nanocognition, the philosophy of big data, the ideology of the biocitizen and the quantified self, the future of personal identity, and the case for cognitive enhancement.  

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"The Future of AI: Blockchain and Deep Learning"   Broader Perspective  (Dec 11, 2017)

"Cognitive Easing: Human Identity Crisis in a World of Technology"   Broader Perspective  (Jan 7, 2017)

"Blockchain Fintech: Programmable Risk and Securities as a Service"   Broader Perspective  (Oct 22, 2016)

"Defining the Blockchain Economy: What is Decentralized Finance?"   Broader Perspective  (Sep 17, 2016)

"Bio-Cryptoeconomy: Nanorobotic DACs for Cell Repair and Enhancement"   Broader Perspective  (Aug 29, 2016)

"Decentralized Crypto-Finance: Blockchains, Automatic Markets, and Algorithmic Trust"   Broader Perspective   (Aug 17, 2016)

"A New Theory of Time: X-tention is Simultaneously Discrete and Continuous"   Broader Perspective  (Apr 28, 2016)

"Satoshi Roundtable: Is Bitcoin Dead due to Scalability Issues?"   futurememes  (Mar 17, 2016)

"Cloudworld: A Hegelian Theory of Complexity and Algorithmic Reality"   Futurememes.blogspot  (Feb 1, 2016)

"#13: The Scientific Method is a Scientific Idea that is Ready for Retirement"   The Edge  (Dec 19, 2015)

"#27: Blockchains as a Granular Universal Transaction System"   Broader Perspectives  (Dec 5, 2015)

"Magic Blockchains, but for Time? Blocktime Arbitrage"   Broader Perspective   (Dec 4, 2015)

"#30: We Should Consider The Future World As One Of Multi-Species Intelligence"   The Edge  (Dec 2, 2015)

"Machine Trust Language (MTL): Human-Machine Collaboration"   Broader Perspective   (Nov 11, 2015)

"Crypto Enlightenment: A Social Theory of Blockchains"   Broader Perspective  (Nov 1, 2015)

"Blockchain Financial Networks: Rethinking Risk and Finance with Automated Value Transfer"  (Oct 11, 2015)

"A New Kind of Economic Philosophy: Network Economies of Abundance"   FutureMemes  (Sep 14, 2015)

"Economic Liberation: Network Economics of Abundance"   Broader Perspective  (Sep 6, 2015)

"VR Chains and DAC Brains: Upload your Mind as a VR AI DAC"   FutureMemes.blogspot  (Sep 4, 2015)

"Network Economies: Economic System as a Configurable Parameter"   Future Memes  (Aug 26, 2015)

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