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Alexey Turchin

Alexey Turchin is the author of several books on Russian and numerous articles on the topics of existential risks and the Doomsday argument. He studied Physics and Art History at Moscow State University. Since 2010, he has worked at the Science for Longer Life Foundation where he wrote a book “Future Studies” with Michael Batin. Now he is finishing the book ‘‘Immortality”. He is one of the founders of Longevity Party, and the founder of Stop Existential Risks on Facebook. He organised first ever street action in US for Life extension in Googleplex in Feb 2014 and several actions in other countries, as well as first ever street action against existential risks in San Francisco Union square in September 2014.

In September 2014 he organized rally for Immortality with action near White House, Golden gate Bridge, on Burning Man and in Sacramento. CA.

He created “Immortality Roadmap” as well as “Roadmap of X-risks prevention”. He co-organised a conference with Hank Pellissier on global catastrophic risks in San Francisco. He spoke on “Humanity+ 2010” with presentation “Risks of SETI”.

He created a list of immortality music and was a DJ on Longevity Party during the conference “Genetic of Aging” in Sochi.

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Turchin et al Publish New Paper on the Simulation’s Termination Risk (May 18, 2019)