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Pedro Villanueva

Pedro Villanueva born in Havana, 1974. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro. Then he exhibited his artworks in Europe, Belgium, France and Romania.

He comes to settle in Chile and was nationalized. He works in the city of Punta Arenas as manager of cultural projects and art educator for the community.

In Chilean Patagonia, he is dedicated to studying contemporary philosophy for five years, with the online libraries of the University of Paris, Madrid and Buenos Aires.

In his research on modern society is inclined to the ideas of transhumanism, studying the works of Nick Bostrom, David Pearce and Kurzweil. From their findings, he analyzes the dialectical philosophy of Kant, Hegel, Marx, but with technological development, dialectical philosophy is obsolete. He writes a thought known as Pluslectic, which is in line with today’s world and the vision towards the future.

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