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Sascha Vongehr

Sascha Vongehr is currently affiliated with the Philosophy Department of Nanjing University (NJU) and the National Laboratory of Solid State Microstructures, NJU.

He obtained his PhD (USC, 2005) on Helium nano-droplet experiments and statistics of nontrivial cluster size distributions but started out in Europe in 1971 (22 years in Germany, 3 in GB) and diffused westwards through America (11 years in the US) until he landed in the very east (4 years in China). He started studying philosophy, mathematics, chemistry, and physics in Germany, obtained his Bachelor of Science in theoretical physics (electromagnetism) and the Master of Science in string theory at the University of Sussex, UK. He worked subsequently on quantum gravity (black holes/two time theory) at the University of Southern California (USC), but left the string community to explore nanotechnology and the brain. He currently collects postdoctoral positions: first on the neuroscience of the visual system (USC, Psychology), second on nanotechnology and cosmology (NJU, Physics), and a third on the philosophy and sociology of science (NJU, Philosophy).

His currently active research is on nanotechnology (theory, simulation) and its critical evaluation, cosmology, basis of quantum mechanics, and its relation to the philosophy of mind, substantialism/relational reductions, and suicidal philosophy. His engagement with the IEET reflects his interest in the fields of cognitive enhancement, future of nanotechnology, and fundamental philosophical considerations related to the aims of the transhumanism / technoprogressive movement.

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