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MULTIMEDIA: Charlie Stross Topics Charlie Stross on the stop/go nature of technological change

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Charlie Stross Topics
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Charlie Stross
Tapeworm Logic by Charlie Stross

What use is a human being — to a tapeworm?

A mature tapeworm has a very simple lifestyle. It lives in the gut of a host animal, anchoring itself to the wall of the intestine with its scolex (or head), from which trails a long string of segments (proglottids) that contain reproductive structures. The tapeworm absorbs nutrients through its skin and gradually extrudes more proglottids, from the head down; as they reach the end of the tape they mature into a sac of fertilized eggs and break off.

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Charlie Stross
The Myth of the Starship by Charlie Stross

As starships do not in fact exist, no starships were harmed in the production of this essay. Also, this is just words. If they upset you, go lie down in a dark room for half an hour then drink a glass of water; you’ll feel better.

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Charlie Stross
Designing Society for Posterity by Charlie Stross

How do you design a society for the really long term? There are a couple of levels to consider: notably, decision-making and economics. And it doesn’t look as if we’ve got any good solutions to either.

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Charlie Stross
Institutional Longevity by Charlie Stross

Over on Hacker News, GraffitiTim points out something interesting: “The first civilization started in Mesopotamia around 5000 BCE (more or less), which is 7,000 years ago. If you live until age 80, that’s more than 1% of the history of civilization.” So you can expect to live for more than 1% of the life span of human civilization to this date.

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Charlie Stross
Charlie’s Wish List by Charlie Stross

Playing fantasy politics — as opposed to fantasy football — is a mug’s game. However, for what it’s worth (not much), and speaking for those of us who aren’t Americans, here’s my top ten list of things I’d like see from the Obama administration in the first 100 days, and consider to be not-totally-impossible:

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Charlie Stross
The bumpy ride hits toytown by Charlie Stross

Okay, hang onto your hats. We’re clearly in for a bumpy ride over the next couple of years; even discounting the worst-case scenarios (I’m a happy pessimist: I always need something to worry about) it looks like we’re in for a recession that will be at least as bad as the 1990-92 one, and possibly much worse.

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Charlie Stross
Living through Interesting Times by Charlie Stross

We are living in interesting times; in fact, they’re so interesting that it is not currently possible to write near-future SF.

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Charlie Stross
Modern day shibboleths by Charlie Stross

What’s wrong with this sentence: “give me $700Bn with no oversight and I’ll keep your banking system from going down the tubes by buying up the bundles of sub-prime mortgages and other investments they’re elbow deep in”?