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MULTIMEDIA: Kris Notaro Topics Better political decision-making via better technology?
Primer on Nuclear Fusion and Photos from the People’s Climate March (Sep, 21, 2014)
Will Enlightened Posthumans Establish Post-Capitalist Utopias? pt2
Buddhism, Politics and the Future of the Mind pt1

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Kris Notaro Topics
Advisory Board > Brian Hanley > Affiliate Scholar > Roland Benedikter > Kris Notaro
Brian Hanley Joins IEET Advisory Board; Kris Notaro and Roland Benedikter are new Affiliate Scholars

Three new positions have been filled at IEET, in two categories: our Affiliate Scholar Program, which we’ve maintained for a decade, and our Advisory Board - which was installed just last May.

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Kris Notaro
Transhumanism: The future of Revolutionary Flags and Movement Symbols by Kris Notaro

A few years while voting at my elementary school I noticed something was not right. I looked up at the ceiling where they had huge flags of the United States and saw the confederate flag. I went back to ask them to take down the massive confederate out-of-date flag of Georgia that was still flying since I attended that school.

Staff > Hank Pellissier > Kris Notaro
Hank Pellissier returns to IEET as Fundraiser & Interim Managing Director

We are pleased to announce that IEET Affiliate Scholar Hank Pellissier is returning to the staff as IEET Interim Managing Director and Fundraiser. Hank was Managing Director from 2011-2012. The 2012-2015 Managing Director, Kris Notaro, who continued Hank’s work and helped recruit more than a hundred additional IEET writers, will begin directing the Rights of the Person Program, focusing on issues of consciousness and personhood.

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IEET Launching Annual Fundraiser IEET

The IEET just turned ten years old, and we are astonished with what we’ve been able to accomplish in the last decade.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Economic > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Staff > Kris Notaro > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Resilience
Kris Notaro
Transhumanism: No Gigadeath War by Kris Notaro

The onset of transhumanism, political or not may rally many people against technological innovations such as the integration of the human species with computers and re-designing of our specie’s DNA for enhancement purposes. The people of the world need to cooperate and value education so that we never see any of the dystopian posthumanist scenarios play out the way many think they might.

Rights > HealthLongevity > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Bioculture > Staff > FreeThought > Kris Notaro > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Innovation > Nanotechnology > Biosecurity > SciTech
Kris Notaro
Geoengineering as a Human Right by Kris Notaro

Geoengineering has come under attack recently by conspiracy theorists, scientists, to “greens.” There have been many kinds of proposals for geoengineering, and even a legal/illegal experiment pouring 200,000 pounds of iron sulfate into the North Pacific which was supposed to increase plankton that would absorb carbon dioxide. The experiment did not work and pissed off a lot of scientists. China also recently stopped their “flattening of mountains.” Therefore this article is not purely about techniques of combating global warming, but...

Vision > Bioculture > Staff > HealthLongevity > Kris Notaro > Philosophy > Artificial Intelligence > Neuroscience
Kris Notaro
The Importance of Qualia to Transhumanism and Science pt2 by Kris Notaro

In my last article on transhumanism and qualia we looked at the definition of qualia and biological experiments that suggest qualia are nothing more then a physical outcome of a complex system, (for now the brain). But what if qualia is not physical in nature in the same way we think of the typical physicalist notion of an atom? What if qualia was not purely biologically evolved, instead was/is part of the universe like the “strings” in M-theory and String Theory, or the basic hydrogen atom? I will argue in defense of quaila and suggest ...

Vision > Staff > HealthLongevity > Kris Notaro > Philosophy
Kris Notaro
Phenomenal States and Properties: Reductionism, Supervenience, or Emergentism? by Kris Notaro

It is 2014 and we still do not have a comprehensive theory of consciousness, yet transhumanists want to create consciousness on a computer ASAP. In this article I will look at reductionism, supervenience and emergentism and their applications towards a solution to the mind-body problem. I will defend the claim that emergentism must be mixed with supervenience given that we know considerable amounts of information about the human brain and the properties that it produces.

Rights > Vision > Bioculture > Staff > Kris Notaro > Sociology > Philosophy > Futurism > PostGender
Kris Notaro
Genderqueer, Pansexual, LGBTQ: Will Gender Exist 100 Years From Now? - Rebooted by Kris Notaro

In this article it is my hope to highlight some of the most important aspects of gender and sexual identity within the confines of hardcore science: psychology, biology, and sociology. It is my personal opinion that we have not figured out the science behind gender, rather it be sociological or biological in nature. This article is simply an overview of how modern day scientists and sociologists look at gender and sexual identity. For all I know, we are all born genderqueer and pansexual, but biological science is showing us the rainbow of d...

Rights > HealthLongevity > CognitiveLiberty > FreeThought > Personhood > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Staff > Kris Notaro > Philosophy > Futurism > Innovation
Kris Notaro
On “First Contact” with Super Intelligent Beings by Kris Notaro

In order to communicate with super intelligent beings (in this context, extraterrestrials that have figured out how travel many light years to reach our planet) we should first start with something we all share. A fundamental starting point – that is, pure consciousness.