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MULTIMEDIA: Mike Treder Topics Technology, Life, and Ethics in 2035
Voluntary Human Extinction
What’s Wrong With Transhumanism?
The Science of Earthquakes
Opening Remarks
Cascio and Treder on
The Ethics of Human Enhancement
NetRoots Nation Report and Brain News
The Nanotechnology Revolution
TransAlchemy interviews Mike Treder, Part 1
Message to Our Descendants
Small Machines, Big Choices, Catastrophic Risks
All the Global Catastrophic Risks Talks Online
Intro to Global Catastrophic Risks Conf
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Mike Treder Topics
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Update on Mike Treder

Reports have been issued from the family, indicating that they believe Mike is safe and thanking IEET members for their help.

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Mike Treder
Multi-Tasking by Mike Treder

I should mention that the IEET staff read the fiction submissions without the authors’ names on them. So the fact that a submission from our former Managing Director was selected was not the nepotism that it might otherwise appear to be. Mike reflects here thoughtfully on the generation gap we already see playing out between those accustomed to more-or-less attentive face-to-face communication, and the younger generation who are growing used to a fragmented attention that makes little distinction between face-to-face and virtual presen...

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Big Changes Afoot for the IEET in 2012

After six years serving as the IEET’s Chairman of the Board, Nick Bostrom will be stepping down and assuming the role of IEET Senior Fellow. And after three years service as managing director of the IEET, Mike Treder will be stepping down to be an IEET Fellow.  IEET Affiliate Scholar Hank Pellissier will be replacing Mike as Managing Director.

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Mike Treder
What the Wall Street Protest is About by Mike Treder

It’s not left versus right. It’s the system.

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Mike Treder
How We Think About Money by Mike Treder

What does money mean to us? How do we regard the amounts that we earn, and how do we respond when some of our earnings are taxed?

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > Vision > Staff > Enablement > Mike Treder > Futurism
Mike Treder
Will you die? by Mike Treder

About 150,000 people will die today. You might die tomorrow. Or, perhaps, you will end up living for a very long time.

Rights > Economic > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Staff > Mike Treder > Futurism > Technoprogressivism > Eco-gov
Mike Treder
Race for the Future by Mike Treder

Our future depends on the outcome of a three-way race between: 1) the development and implementation of emerging technologies; 2) the evolution of improved methods of governance; and 3) systemic breakdowns in the world economy and the global ecosystem.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Staff > HealthLongevity > Mike Treder > Futurism > Innovation > SciTech
Mike Treder
Which technology will have the biggest impact on human life in the next 30 years? by Mike Treder

Over at New Scientist, they’ve chosen five emerging technologies that may have a big impact on the future of humanity during the next 30 years and have asked their readers to choose which will be the most significant of all. I’d like to find out how our readers’ opinions would compare with theirs.

Rights > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Staff > FreeThought > Mike Treder > Technoprogressivism > SciTech
Mike Treder
Is ‘Spirituality’ Necessary? by Mike Treder

Every year, more people are coming out and saying they do not have a belief in God. What does this mean for those who say they are “spiritual but not religious”?

Rights > HealthLongevity > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Staff > Mike Treder > Technoprogressivism
Mike Treder
Day One, Afternoon — “Governing Tech” by Mike Treder

Still blogging live from Washington, D.C., the site of a two-day Future Tense event on “Governing a Technologically Uncertain Future.”