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MULTIMEDIA: Affiliate Scholar Topics #57 - Sorgner on Nietzschean Transhumanism
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Nikola Danaylov and David Wood on Transcending Politics
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AI in Society - Ethics, Safety, Industry & Governance
The Ethics of Moral Enhancement
AI & the Faustian Bargain with Technological Change - A. C. Grayling

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Affiliate Scholar Topics
Technopolitics > Philosophy > Affiliate Scholar > Steve Fuller
Livestream event on Steve Fuller’s Nietzschean Meditations Nietzschean Meditations

On Wednesday, 24 June (7 pm - 8.30 pm, London Time), Luke Mason will be interviewing Steve Fuller about his latest book, Nietzschean Meditations: Untimely Thoughts at the Dawn of the Transhuman Era. The event, which is part of the FUTURES Podcast series, will be livestreamed but registration is required.

Technopolitics > Sociology > Affiliate Scholar > Tsvi Bisk
Tsvi Bisk
Kneeling is NOT Disrespecting the Flag by Tsvi Bisk

Given that our emergent technologies have provided the entire human race with a ringside seat to the horrors of recent weeks, on the streets of the United States, it is entirely appropriate that the ‘pages’ of IEET reflect on the issue of kneeling NFL players, but do so in a deeper philosophical manner.

Technopolitics > Philosophy > Affiliate Scholar > John G. Messerly
John G. Messerly
Yuval Harari Issues Warning at Davos 2020 by John G. Messerly

Yuval Harari Issues Warning at Davos 2020

Technopolitics > Philosophy > Affiliate Scholar > John G. Messerly
John G. Messerly
“Is It Moral To Work For A Tech Giant?” by John G. Messerly

I recently read “The Great Google Revolt” in the New York Times Magazine. The article chronicles the conflict between Google and some of its employees over company practices that some of their employees deem unethical. I found the article interesting because I taught computer ethics for many years and I’ve always wanted to do meaningful work. I’ve also written about ethics and tech previously in “Are Google and Facebook Evil?” “Irrational Protests Against Google,” and “How Technology Hijacks ...

Technopolitics > Sociology > Rights > HealthLongevity > Affiliate Scholar > Steve Fuller
Steve Fuller

Thinking in Four Orders One can imagine four orders of thinking about the COVID-19 crisis, or indeed, any pandemic:

Technopolitics > Philosophy > Affiliate Scholar > Tsvi Bisk
Tsvi Bisk
Cosmodeism: Prologue to a Theology of Transhumanism by Tsvi Bisk

Introduction Freud’s disciple, Otto Rank once wrote that the “need for a truly religious ideology … is inherent in human nature and its fulfillment is basic to any kind of social life”. If Transhumanism is to become a universal phenomenon it must include what Jung called a divine drama that is universally compelling.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Affiliate Scholar > Ilia Stambler
Ilia Stambler
A new therapeutic approach against COVID-19 Pneumonia by Ilia Stambler

The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has grown to become a global public health emergency. Currently, no specific drugs or vaccines are available to cure the patients with COVID-19 infection. Hence, there is a large unmet need for a safe and effective treatment for COVID-19 infected patients, especially the severe cases.  A new study offers a promising pathway for developing such a treatment.

Rights > HealthLongevity > Affiliate Scholar > Ilia Stambler
Ilia Stambler
Israel can and should become an important contributor to the international geroscience research, development, application and education by Ilia Stambler

Vetek (Seniority) – the Movement for Longevity and Quality of Life (Israel)


Due to the aging of the global population and the derivative increase in major aging-related non-communicable diseases and their economic burden, there is an urgent international need to promote the research, development and application of and education on effective and safe therapeutic geroscience interventions. These interventions are designed to mitigate degenerative aging processes, thus preventing and eliminating the main underlying con...

Rights > HealthLongevity > Affiliate Scholar > Hank Pellissier
Hank Pellissier
Cannabis Research : 1,008 studies demonstrating beneficial effects by Hank Pellissier

compiled by Jennifer Huse, Hank Pellissier, E Health Magazine & many other researchers, doctors, and science websites.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Affiliate Scholar > Hank Pellissier
Hank Pellissier
Fourteen Reforms to Rescue USA Democracy by Hank Pellissier

The USA is a sub-par, wretchedly-flawed ‘democracy.’

A Princeton/Northwestern study suggests the US government more closely resembles an oligarchy or a corporatocracy than a democracy because “economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while mass-based interest groups and average citizens have little or no independent influence.”