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Hank Pellissier Topics
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Hank Pellissier Interview with Terry Hyland Brighter Brains

Learning to forgive has also been championed, for thousands of years, by numerous religions and philosophies. To learn more about Buddhism’s perspective on forgiveness, IEEt Affiliated Scholar Hank Pellissier interviewed Terry Hyland - he’s Emeritus Professor of Education at the University of Bolton, UK, Lecturer in Philosophy at the Free University of Ireland, and a lifelong learner in mindfulness theory and practice. He’s written over 150 articles, plus 19 book chapters and 6 books. ...

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Hank Pellissier
Martine Rothblatt, Lawrence Krauss, Douglas Rushkoff, Russell Blackford endorse Science Missionaries by Hank Pellissier

IEET Fellows Martine Rothblatt and Douglas Rushkoff, and IEET contributor Lawrence Krauss, have endorsed the “Science Missionary” campaign of the Brighter Brains Institute that is sending technology to rural Uganda. The charitable drive will focus on solar energy, clean water, eco-briquettes, medicine, and internet access.

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Hank Pellissier
Alcor Life Extension Foundation sponsors health clinic in Nyakiyumbu, Uganda by Hank Pellissier

The Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the “world leader in cryonics, cryonics research, and cryonics technology”, is sponsoring a health clinic for orphans in the impoverished village of Nyakiyumbu, Uganda.

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Hank Pellissier
Transhumanist Hank Pellissier on Being an “Atheist Missionary” by Hank Pellissier

Hank Pellissier is certainly an inimitable individual. As a transhumanist and humanitarian, he applies science and technology to inform his approach to alleviating suffering, such as through his efforts to supplement the diet of the Philippines’ Mangyan community with soylent to improve brain health and nutrition. Currently, his work as the director of the Brighter Brains Institute is focused in Uganda, where he spearheads projects to establish and support humanist schools, health clinics, and orphanages.

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Hank Pellissier
Joycelyn Elders Clinic at Uganda Humanist School offers Sex Education, Free Condoms, AFRIpads by Hank Pellissier

“Joycelyn Elders Clinic” was recently launched by a USA nonprofit, to serve the 329 students attending Garama Humanist Secondary School in the village of Kisinga, in western Uganda.

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IEET Affiliate Scholar Hank Pellissier’s Athiest Ugandan Orphanage and School Inverse

Sarah Sloat, a writer at Inverse, has published an article discussing the successful venture spearheaded by Bwambale Robert Musubaho, Hank Pellissier and Zoltan Istvan in funding and developing an An Atheist Ugandan Orphanage.

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IEET Bids Farewell to Hank Pellissier and Welcomes New Managing Director.

Dear IEET members,

Following years of dedicated professional leadership and management, Hank Pellissier has decided to move his career in another direction and has resigned his position as Managing Director at IEET. We are pleased to announce that Steven Umbrello will be assuming the vacancy as the new Managing Director. Mr. Umbrello is past Assistant Managing Director of IEET. I trust you will all join me in wishing Hank the best of luck and in welcoming Steven to his new position.

As per usual business if you would like t...

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Hank Pellissier
Moral Bioenhancement: Thinking Synergistically - interview with Harris Wiseman by Hank Pellissier

Harris Wiseman gained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, and is author of the book The Myth of the Moral Brain – The Limits of Moral Enhancement, published by MIT Press.

I emailed him the interview questions below:

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Hank Pellissier
“Tracking and Hacking - Values and Happiness with AI” - interview with John C. Havens by Hank Pellissier

John C. Havens is the author of Heartificial Intelligence: Embracing Our Humanity To Maximize Machines and Hacking Happiness: Why Your Personal Data Counts and How Tracking it Can Change the World. He is the founder of The Happathon Project, a non-profit utilizing emerging technology and positive psychology to increase human wellbeing.  John has spoken at TEDx, and is a contributor to Mashable, The Guardian, HuffPo and TechCrunch.

I interviewed him recently via email on his technoprogressive ideas.

GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Staff > Hank Pellissier > Artificial Intelligence > Cyber
Hank Pellissier
“Cyber-Humans: Our Future with Machines” – Interview with Prof. Woodrow Barfield by Hank Pellissier

Dr Woodrow (Woody) Barfield has published over 350 articles and publications in the areas of computer science, engineering and law. He was head of the Sensory Engineering Laboratory as an Industrial and Systems Engineering Professor at the University of Washington, and he holds both JD and LLM degrees in intellectual property law and policy.  His research revolves around the design and use of wearable computers and augmented reality systems.