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James Felton Keith Topics
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James Felton Keith
Your Jobs vs Your Dignity by James Felton Keith

What we don’t know can hurt us. In the past year, it seems that 15 years of economic erosion has taken its toll on the wisdom of our 20th century experience. Nostalgic sentiments from an analogue age have seeped into the modern political discourse. Not because, they’ll work, but because people can understand them.

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James Felton Keith
Ownership of Archived Tweets by James Felton Keith

Back in April of 2010 the Library of Congress announced that it will acquire all of the public tweets for future generations to review.

Rights > Economic > Contributors > James Felton Keith
James Felton Keith
Why the #Occupy Movement has No Chance, Yet by James Felton Keith

I’ve spent some time thinking about what the #Occupy movement is really representing. I’ve attended the camps as I’ve traveled, and I’ve interviewed people in the camps, as well as their formidable opponents - the 1% - in the ownership positions of society.

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James Felton Keith
The Internet is a Human Right! Vinton G. Cerf is Mistaken by James Felton Keith

Wednesday on the Opinion Pages of The New York Times, the renowned Vinton Cerf - computer scientist, “father of the Internet”, Turing Award winner, and Google’s Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist - published an article titled Internet Access Is Not A Human Right. It could be argued that the key word here is “access”, but before I address access again, I should start with the definition of the internet.

Rights > Economic > Vision > Contributors > James Felton Keith > Technoprogressivism
James Felton Keith
Occupy All Streets by James Felton Keith

While watching the Occupy Wall Street movement gain momentum and challenge the status quo, we in the transhumanist and technoprogressive communities should take note of differences between this movement and those earlier in the 20th century that were in direct opposition to some set of conservative policies.

Rights > Economic > Vision > Contributors > James Felton Keith > Technoprogressivism
James Felton Keith
Ethical Problems From Technology Efficiency by James Felton Keith

We’re trending towards a day where it will be impossible to create jobs in the traditional sense, and the taunting question of our time will be: How do we value human lives without livelihoods?

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James Felton Keith
What does it mean to be Human? by James Felton Keith

With the integration of human beings and technological enhancement, the ideal of what is morally just becomes increasingly ambiguous, referencing the seemingly endless scenarios of mechanical, electrical, and bio engineering enhancements that have propelled individuals of our kind to mature well beyond the centennial of exploration.