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Alex McGilvery Topics
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Alex McGilvery
On tragedy, ethics and the human condition. by Alex McGilvery

The shootings at the Pulse club in Orlando highlight once more just how far we humans need to go in the evolution of our ethics. People on all sides have already weighed in on how their particular way of seeing the world would have prevented the crime. Almost immediately they began talking past each other with little or no effort to hear the other side.

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Alex McGilvery
Progress for Immediate Profit - why can’t we consider the consequences? by Alex McGilvery

A great deal of our behavior is determined by our instincts and prejudices, plus… Mental Laziness.

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Alex McGilvery
Education and Social Programming - let’s re-write our codes to optimize the world by Alex McGilvery

Why are we preparing children to live in an environment that no longer exists?  The future generation needs new rules and lessons.

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Alex McGilvery
Buddhist Right Speech – can we improve ourselves, to improve others? by Alex McGilvery

IEET has introduced the Buddhist concept of Right Speech as the tool for moderating comments and adding civility to the community. As we are using it, Right Speech is a tool for deciding if a comment is useful to the conversation. Thus, a comment needs to be true, it needs to not be abusive or divisive, and it needs to move the conversation forward.

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Alex McGilvery
Here Is Irony – Arguing that We Have No Free Will by Alex McGilvery

Free will is becoming the subject of ever greater amounts of research. I want to look at the ethical questions that arise from the discussion.

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Alex McGilvery
Secular Gods and Sacred Machines by Alex McGilvery

Not all religions are created equal. In past articles I have argued that religion can be a powerful force for the transformation of humans, both individually and collectively. This is not to say that religion is necessarily and always a tool for the improvement of the human species. Religion in many times and places has been anything but helpful. For example; the Roman Catholic Church in the medieval period deliberately suppressed new knowledge, oddly enough, in favour of pagan Greek philosophers.

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Alex McGilvery
God doesn’t want you to be stupid. by Alex McGilvery

I was checking out a facebook posting in which people were asked to suggest one additional verse to the Bible.  What was interesting was the number that said directly or indirectly that we were expected to think for ourselves. One of Jesus’ final instructions to his disciples was that they were no longer slaves but heirs. Being an heir means responsibility. It means that we need to think about what we are doing.

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Alex McGilvery
Do You Still Get To Heaven if You Live Forever? by Alex McGilvery

Aubrey de Grey’s video lecture Tutorial on the economy of immortality got me thinking about the ethical and religious dimension of immortality.

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Alex McGilvery
Frankie by Alex McGilvery

One of the catastrophic risks that technoprogressives take more seriously than most policy analysts is the emergence of self-willed artificial intelligence and robotics. We are skeptical of the focus on “hard take-off” scenarios, which tend to lead to fatalistic or magical thinking approaches to risk mitigation, and we emphasize instead the importance of incremental steps such as regulation of computing to avoid the creation of self-willed machine minds until we have a better handle on how to safely integrate them. In this short ...

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Alex McGilvery
Transformation, Transcendence and Human 2.0 by Alex McGilvery

It is the nature of transhumanism to work to make humans better.