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Why is Speculative Fiction so Dystopic?
Shifter: Live Action Sci Fi Short Film by the Hallivis Brothers
Into the Nexus—FastForward Radio
Some very funny sci-fi pranks and gags done on people
Beyond Machines: The Year 3000
Make: Believe - Making Movie Miniatures with Fon Davis
‪Nnedi Okorafor on The Africa Channel’s “Behind the Words” Part 1‬

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Fiction Topics
GlobalDemocracySecurity > CatRisks > Eco-gov > Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Staff > Marcelo Rinesi
Marcelo Rinesi
Digital anamnesis and other crimes [short story] by Marcelo Rinesi

A database is a tool for forgetting; it decays on command, faster than nightmares and more thoroughly than graves.

Francaise > Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Contributors > Alexandre Maurer
Alexandre Maurer
« Altered Carbon », une série qui n’aime pas l’immortalité by Alexandre Maurer

Dans la dernière série de Netflix, l’allongement de la durée de vie est présenté comme la principale source des maux de la société. Cette vision tient-elle la route ?

Technopolitics > Sociology > Technoprogressivism > Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Affiliate Scholar > Rick Searle
Rick Searle
Trump and the Iron Heel by Rick Searle

Like many others, I am still absorbing the shock of Trump’s victory in the presidential election. For the last month I had been on a holding pattern on the blog in the remote chance the pundits and pollsters had gotten this election terribly wrong. They have. Rather than having elected Hillary Clinton who would have preserved the status quo with all its flaws, but also its protections, a large portion of the electorate has chosen to blow up the system and take a dangerous, potentially dystopian turn.

Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Fellows > David Brin
David Brin
Science Fiction! Science Fiction! by David Brin

An apropos moment for a SF’nal posting, as I report to you all from the World Science Fiction Convention in Kansas City, MO. Many fascinating people saying an doing interesting things. Lots of discussion of “da future.” And congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Hugo Award! But that will wait a bit. For now…

Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Fellows > Ramez Naam
Ramez Naam
APEX Wins the Philip K. Dick Award by Ramez Naam

Tonight, in Seattle, I was in the crowd when my novel Apex won the Philip. K Dick Award.

Apex is the third and final book of the Nexus Trilogy. Those books have now collectively won the Prometheus Award, the Endeavor Award, been listed on NPR’s list of Best Books of the Year, and been shortlisted for the Arthur C. Clarke Award and the Kitchies Golden Tentacle Award. They also earned me a nomination for the Campbell Award for Best New Author in 2014.

Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Fellows > Stefan Sorgner > Futurism
Stefan Sorgner speaking on Transhumanism and Star Wars

IEET Fellow Stefan Sorgner has been invited to talk about Transhumanism and Star Trek at the Star Trek event, “New Worlds.”

Vision > Virtuality > Bioculture > Fiction > Contributors > Richard Stallman > Artificial Intelligence
Richard Stallman
Made for You (Fiction) by Richard Stallman

Growing old, and having lost hope of finding love again, I read about the Lifemates Co-op and was intrigued.  “Mr or Ms Right doesn’t exist in nature.  If you want someone that was made for you, come to us.”  I made an appointment to visit their office and talk with a salesperson…


Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Fellows > Russell Blackford > Philosophy > Futurism
Russell Blackford
Book review: Zoltan Istvan’s The Transhumanist Wager by Russell Blackford

“Scorned by over 500 publishers and literary agents around the world,” says The Transhumanist Wager’s back page blurb, “[Zoltan Istvan’s] philosophical thriller has been called ‘revolutionary’ and ‘socially dangerous’ by readers, scholars, and religious authorities.” Well, surely that ought to whet your appetite!

Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Contributors > Brett Gao > Zoltan Istvan > HealthLongevity > Philosophy
Brett Gao
Why Transhumanism Will Not (And Should Not) Become The Political Mainstream by Brett Gao

-A discussion on Zoltan Istvan’s The Transhumanist Wager

Transhumanism is a rising international intellectual movement that seeks to greatly enhance human capacities through emerging science and technologies, with life extension as one of its main goals. However, for many decades, the movement has remained outside of the political mainstream and a large part of it has only been active on the internet. 

Rights > HealthLongevity > Personhood > GlobalDemocracySecurity > Vision > Bioculture > Fiction > Contributors > Stefan Morrone > FreeThought > Sociology > Philosophy > Psychology > Military
Stefan Morrone
How Games of Thrones Teaches Us About the Syrian Refugee Crisis by Stefan Morrone

Fans of Game of Thrones were treated to a big piece of news last week. As audiences know, the fan-favorite character Jon Snow was left to die at the hands of his Night’s Watch Brothers at the end of the previous season.  Yesterday, a poster was revealed showing a bloodied image of the character.