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MULTIMEDIA: Joern Pallensen Topics

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Joern Pallensen Topics
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Joern Pallensen
Vegan / Vegetarian vs. Paleo | Brothers-in-spirit.. by Joern Pallensen

Apparently, vegans and paleos /”cavemen” are completely at odds, and may even hate each other, according to numerous articles you can look up yourself.. [ If true, then how, - and to which extent am I wondering.., - does this apply to Transhumanists.. ]

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Joern Pallensen
“Mo”- Crisis 2.0.. by Joern Pallensen

Freedom of speech is a key element of the, shall we say, human predicament. Whenever “Big Brother/Mother” tries to curtail this absolutely essential human right, I am – to put it mildly – up in arms.

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Joern Pallensen
A Rant About Nothing(ness) by Joern Pallensen

Ex nihilo nihil fit – from nothing, nothing comes, – so the saying goes. It is, however, conventional wisdom that hinges on the very definition of “nothing”, and a  “self-evident” truth which, upon closer examination, turns out to be not only deeply controversial, but  perhaps even beyond human comprehension..

Rights > HealthLongevity > Contributors > Joern Pallensen > FreeThought
Joern Pallensen
“Crimethink” – the Legacy of Totalitarianism by Joern Pallensen

In the Western – post-Breivik – world, there appears to be an increasing support for anti-hate speech / “crimethink” legislation. The idea  that you can – and should – control people’s minds – and thus behavior – through prohibitive measures, in combination with proper re-education, is taking hold.

Rights > HealthLongevity > CognitiveLiberty > Vision > Contributors > Joern Pallensen > Futurism
Joern Pallensen
Morality profile: What would you do for a million dollars? by Joern Pallensen

I am currently having fun building my very own morality profile…

Vision > Bioculture > Contributors > Joern Pallensen > HealthLongevity
Joern Pallensen
Vegans, notables, celebs and the abolition of suffering by Joern Pallensen

I am about to write a few lines about veganism / vegetarianism.  There are two concrete reasons: A week ago I read an IEET interview with English utilitarian philosopher and transhumanist, David Pearce, called Feeling groovy, forever.. - I knew a bit about him already, but it was time to google a bit.. – how else would I have a chance of understanding expressions like “utilitronium shocknawe” scenarios.. ?!

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Joern Pallensen
Palestinian refugee problem: Deconstructing the right of return barrier… by Joern Pallensen

In view of current and recent turmoil throughout the Middle East, a just solution to the Palestinian refugee problem seems ever more distant. Basically, a solution can only come from direct talks between Israel and a unified Palestinian Authority, but stable Arab regimes are essential and a prerequisite, as, realistically speaking, a solution is unthinkable without the granting of citizenship to all refugees, in Jordan, in Syria, in Lebanon, and elsewhere.

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Joern Pallensen
Did the Universe evolve the “Blue Brain Project” to become aware of itself ? by Joern Pallensen

“Humans are the stuff of the cosmos examining itself” Carl Sagan