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Leo Igwe Topics
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Leo Igwe
Beyond Humanism: Emerging Technologies and African Futures by Leo Igwe

Beyond Humanism highlights the philosophical implications of emerging technologies. And any one who is deeply concerned about improving the human conditions needs to pay attention to discourses on critical transhumanism and post humanism. The consequences of emerging technologies on the lives and prospects of Africans cannot be overemphasized because these technologies have the potential of radically transforming the life worlds.

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Leo Igwe
Youths and the Imperative of Humanism in Africa by Leo Igwe

Humanism has become a necessity for Africa and for Africans particularly for young people across the region who are struggling to make sense of life and existence.  Youths are critical to any human endeavor because they are the agents of hope, continuity, change and promise. Without young people, any society or initiative will go into extinction. Without young people, there is no future for humanity. So, it is with Africa and the humanist movement in the region.

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Leo Igwe
Atheism Reduces Maternal Mortality in Nigeria by Leo Igwe

If you are one of those who think that atheism is of no benefit to Africa and Africans, that disbelieving in god has no social value or significance for this people then you may rethink your position after reading this.

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Leo Igwe
The Challenge of Secularism and Human Rights in Africa by Leo Igwe

African countries have been facing various challenges since independence and one of these major dilemmas is defining the relationship between religion and politics. At independence, African countries inherited multiple faiths, political religions that seek to control state formation and structure.

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Leo Igwe
#26: Atheism in Zambia - skeptical, rational thought in a very superstitious country by Leo Igwe

According to IEET readers, what were the most stimulating stories of 2015? This month we’re answering that question by posting a countdown of the top 30 articles published this year on our blog (out of more than 1,000), based on how many total hits each one received.

The following piece was first published here on June 23, 2015, and is the #26 most viewed of the year.

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Leo Igwe
Reverse Missionaries: Are African Churches Exporting Homophobia to the West? by Leo Igwe

In recent years, the issue of gay rights in Africa has generated intense debate and discussions. Some countries have tried to tighten the laws against homosexuality and prohibit same sex marriage. They claim homosexuality is an evil, corrupt and immoral lifestyle which western societies are trying to impose on African nations.

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Leo Igwe
Against Sainthood for Benedict Daswa: Why Replace Sangoma Witchcraft with Catholic Witchcraft? by Leo Igwe

I am against the ongoing efforts and campaign by the Catholic Church to make the late South African schoolteacher, Benedict Daswa, a saint. While I acknowledge the heroic struggle waged by Daswa against witchcraft based violence and exploitation of his Venda people, a struggle that eventually led to his brutal murder; while I understand the need to celebrate and commemorate his life, legacy and achievement, this initiative to make him an object of ‘worship’ or reverence by the catholic establishment is a self-serving scheme and is litera...

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Leo Igwe
Heart of Humanism Award and Witch-hunts in Africa by Leo Igwe

Thank you Foundation Beyond Belief for selecting me as the recipient of the Heart of Humanism Award for 2015. I believe I have just received the best award the world has to offer. 

Superstition confuses the mind. It distorts reality, hardens the conscience and poisons the heart. Irrational belief drains the well of human compassion causing suffering, death, darkness and destruction. As Voltaire once noted, “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”.

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Leo Igwe
The Misogyny Behind Witchcraft Accusations by Leo Igwe

In the North of Ghana, among the Dagomba, the name for a witch is Sonya, and a wizard is Bukpaha. But in local discourse there is often no reference to Bukpaha. Sonya is commonly used to refer to a person, male or female (though largely female), who engages in malevolent magic.

Another Dagomba term for Sonya is Pakurugu, which means an old woman, or as the English speaking Dagomba say, an ‘old lady’. Among the Dagomba, the notion of witchcraft has a female face. Men are more often perceived as ‘doctors’ with the cure for wit...

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Leo Igwe
The Politics Of Gay Marriage In Nigeria by Leo Igwe

President Muhammad Buhari has stated during his recent visit to the US that his government would not consider decriminalizing gay marriage in Nigeria. Well, that did not come to me as a surprise because President Buhari is a hardline conservative muslim whom I think would be unwilling to support any legislative or policy change that is not compatible with sharia law.